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Top Baby Names in Malta, 2015

Malta’s top baby names of 2015 have been out for months now, but the latest data still isn’t available on the government’s Naming Babies page, so I can’t give you the official rankings.

The best I can do is this quote from a recent Times of Malta article:

Amy, Ella, Leah, Maya, Valentina, Emma, Martina, Jade, Julia, Elisa and Elena are among the most popular for girls […] Luca, Matthias, Adam, Ben, Benjamin, Beppe, Alexander, Thomas, Zack, Liam, Luke and Noah are among the most popular for boys.

The article also mentioned many of the less common names bestowed in Malta in 2015, including:

  • Ajson
  • Alix (the Maltese version of Alex)
  • Bitania
  • Carleshian
  • Delyth (“which in Welsh means neat and pretty, but when read with a Maltese pronunciation it means, err, murder”)
  • Ebtisam
  • Izz
  • Jack Daniel (similar to this guy)
  • Kelzen
  • Massa (“after Felipe Massa, the Brazilian Formula One driver”)
  • Massabielle
  • Mixhal (the Maltese version of Michelle)
  • Neymar
  • Roksanda
  • Rancy
  • Shaznolee
  • Thisseanne
  • Tenishia (“after the internationally renowned Maltese DJ duo”)
  • Vuk
  • Xemx (the Maltese word for “sun,” pronounced shemsh)
  • Zashielle
  • Zeshinzer

Malta’s top names of 2014 were Elena and Luke (more or less).

Source: Hi, Jack Daniel, It’s me, Xemx – Malta’s list of baby names

Babies Named for Tenley Albright

Tenley Albright, 1956, ItalyThe baby name Tenley first popped up in the SSA’s baby name data in 1953:

  • 1957: 11 baby girls named Tenley
  • 1956: 25 baby girls named Tenley
  • 1955: 11 baby girls named Tenley
  • 1954: 6 baby girls named Tenley
  • 1953: 12 baby girls named Tenley [debut]
  • 1952: unlisted

The inspiration? Tenley Emma Albright (b. 1935), who overcame childhood polio to become a world-class figure skater.

She won a silver medal at the 1952 Winter Olympics, became the first “triple crown” winner (U.S., North American, and World titles) in figure skating in 1953, and won a gold medal at the 1956 Winter Olympics (the first to be televised).

After retiring from figure skating in 1956, she became a surgeon.

Where did she get her name?

“I don’t know exactly where my mother found the name Tenley. When I asked her, she said, “I just liked the sound.”

Her family is full of interesting names: father Hollis, mother Elin, and brother Nile (whose name is “Elin” spelled backwards). Her first husband was named Tudor, and her three daughters are Lilla Rhys, Elin, and Elee.

In 1965, Tenley explained her eldest daughter’s name to Sports Illustrated. She said that Lilla came from the Swedish expression Lilla Vän (“little friend”) — her mother’s childhood nickname — and that Rhys was a family name.

In July of 2014, for her 79th birthday, Tenley hosted a party for her many namesakes at the Boston Skating Club. She promoted the party via the website My Name Is Tenley. Over 60 Tenleys showed up, some coming from as far away as London and Holland. The party even featured a performance by an 11-year-old skater named (what else?) Tenley.

(And what pushed the name Tenley in the top 1,000 for the first time in 2010? A contestant named Tenley on the 14th season of The Bachelor.)


  • Albright, Tenley – National Women’s Hall of Fame
  • La Fontaine, Barbara. “There is a doctor on the ice.” Sports Illustrated 8 Feb. 1965.
  • Sharing the Name Tenley
  • Tenley Albright throws a bash for other Tenleys
  • Tenley Albright – Wikipedia
  • Image: © UPI, 1956

    Popular Baby Names in Belgium, 2015

    According to data from Statistics Belgium, the country’s most popular baby names in 2014 were Emma and Louis.

    Here are Belgium’s top 10 baby names:

    Girl Names Boy Names
    1. Emma, 645 baby girls
    2. Louise, 596
    3. Olivia, 538
    4. Elise, 437
    5. Alice, 428
    6. Juliette, 404
    7. Mila, 400
    8. Lucie, 389
    9. Marie, 383
    10. Camille, 366
    1. Louis, 613 baby boys
    2. Arthur, 606
    3. Noah, 586
    4. Lucas, 572
    5. Liam, 561
    6. Adam, 543
    7. Victor, 487
    8. Jules, 468
    9. Mohamed, 461
    10. Nathan, 450

    In the girls’ top 10, Mila and Camille replace Lina and Ella. In the boys’ top 10, Victor replaces Mathis.

    Emma and Louis were also the top names in 2014.

    Here are the top names within each of the three regions:

    Region Girl Names Boy Names
    (58% of Belgians)
    Language: Dutch
    1. Louise
    2. Emma
    3. Marie
    4. Elise
    5. Ella
    1. Lucas
    2. Liam
    3. Arthur
    4. Louis
    5. Noah
    (32% of Belgians)
    Language: mostly French
    1. Léa
    2. Lucie
    3. Alice
    4. Emma
    5. Chloé
    1. Louis
    2. Hugo
    3. Nathan
    4. Noah
    5. Gabriel
    (10% of Belgians)
    Languages: Dutch/French
    1. Nour
    2. Lina
    3. Sofia
    4. Sara
    5. Yasmine
    1. Adam
    2. Mohamed
    3. Gabriel
    4. Rayan
    5. David

    I find it interesting that Olivia, the 3rd-most-popular baby girl name in the country overall, didn’t hit the top 5 in any of the three regions. It came in 6th in both Flanders and Wallonia and 11th in Brussels.

    Source: Voornamen meisjes en jongens – Statistics Belgium

    The Top Baby Names in Maryland in 2011?

    Maryland’s Open Data website includes a single table of Maryland baby name rankings (2011) broken down by race/ethnic group. This is cool because New York City does the exact same breakdown, and we happen to have the equivalent NYC baby name rankings (2011). So we ought to be able to compare and contrast the two sets of rankings, right?

    Yeah, that’s what I thought…until I started looking more closely at Maryland’s data.

    According to the SSA, these were the top 10 boy names in Maryland in 2011:

    1. Mason
    2. Jacob
    3. Michael
    4. Ethan
    5. Ryan
    6. William
    7. Alexander
    8. Noah
    9. Daniel
    10. Aiden (tied for 10th)
    11. Jayden (tied for 10th)

    But according to the state of Maryland, the top 10 boy names were quite different:

    Rank OVERALL Asian &
    Pacific Isl.
    Black Hispanic White
    1 Aiden Aiden Jaiden Christopher Lucas
    2 Christopher Lucas Aiden Anthony Mason
    3 Jayden Alexander Christopher John Jackson
    4 Mason Muhammed Cameron Alexander Jacob
    5 Lucas Ethan Elijah Daniel John
    6 Jacob Nathan Jeremy Matthew Aiden
    7 Alexander John Michael Brian Alexander
    8 Nathan Andrew Isaiah Justin Liam
    9 Michael Justin Mason Jaiden William
    10 Ethan Jacob Caleb Kevin Ryan

    It isn’t totally implausible that Aiden and Jayden might have ranked 1st and 3rd in 2011, but Christopher in 2nd? Maybe if this were a dataset from thirty years ago, but not five years ago. The SSA indicates that Christopher ranked closer to 18th in the state that year.

    And what’s with the two different spellings of Jayden/Jaiden?

    Plus there are some sizable raw number discrepancies, such as:

    • Aiden: 588 babies (MD data) vs. 281 babies (SSA data for MD)
    • Christopher: 584 babies (MD data) vs. 256 babies (SSA data for MD)
    • Jayden: 498 babies (MD data) vs. 281 babies (SSA data for MD)
    • Mason: 463 babies (MD data) vs. 432 babies (SSA data for MD)

    And now the girl names. According to the SSA, these were the top 10 girl names in Maryland in 2011:

    1. Sophia
    2. Olivia
    3. Isabella
    4. Madison
    5. Ava
    6. Emma
    7. Abigail
    8. Chloe
    9. Emily
    10. Elizabeth

    According to the state of Maryland, though, the top 10 girl names in the state were these:

    Rank OVERALL Asian &
    Pacific Isl.
    Black Hispanic White
    1 Sophia Sophia Chloe Sophia Sophia
    2 Isabel Chloe London Emily Isabel
    3 Chloe Isabel Layla Allison Abigail
    4 Ava Caitlin/Kate Madison Isabel Olivia
    5 Madison Hannah Kennedy Ashley Ava
    6 Olivia Olivia Aaliyah Angelina Riley
    7 Emily Sara(h) McKenzie Natalie Madison
    8 McKenzie Abigail Zoe(y) Genesis Emily
    9 Abigail Emily Payton Gabrielle McKenzie
    10 Riley Lillian/Lily Taylor Kimberly Chloe

    Not only does Isabel magically replace Isabella in the Maryland data, but McKenzie and Riley rank 8th and 10th — even though the SSA says they should be closer to 77th (!) and 28th.

    Not to mention the raw number discrepancies, such as:

    • Sophia: 503 babies (MD data) vs. 367 babies (SSA data for MD)
    • McKenzie: 325 babies (MD data) vs. 71 babies (SSA data for MD)
    • Riley: 298 babies (MD data) vs. 118 babies (SSA data for MD)

    Intriguing parallels between the MD data and the NYC data do exist. In both locations, Elijah and Isaiah were in the top 10 for African-American boys only, and London, Aaliyah, and Taylor were in the top 10 for African-American girls only.

    But if we can’t trust the data, we can’t draw any meaningful conclusions.

    Labels like “Caitlin/Kate,” “Sara(h),” “Zoe(y)” and “Lillian/Lily” suggest that variant names were combined here and there. I suspect this is also what happened with Isabel/Isabella, Sophia/Sofia, Aiden, Jayden, MacKenzie, Riley, and maybe even Christopher (perhaps Maryland merged all the “Chris-” names). What are your thoughts on this?

    California Family with 22 Children

    Story family of California in 1940 U.S. census
    The Story family on the 1940 U.S. Census
    Marion and Charlotte “Lottie” Story of Bakersfield, California, had at least 22 children — including five sets of twins — from 1922 to 1946. Seventeen of their kids are listed on the 1940 U.S. Census (at right).

    I don’t know the names of all the Story children, but here are 20 of them: Jean, Jane, Jack, Jacqueline, June, Eileen, Clyde, Robert, James, Jeannette, Steve, Jerry, Terry (sometimes “Terrytown”), Charlotte, Scotty, Sherrie, Garry, Joanne, Frances (called Lidwina), and Monica (called Sandy).

    Charlotte Story herself was one of a dozen children, born from 1899 to 1919. Her 11 siblings were named Pearl, George, Rhea, Hazel, Fern, Ira, Myrtle, Dorothy, Helen, Russell, and Viola.

    And Charlotte’s mother Elsie was one of 13 children, born from 1865 to 1892. Her 12 siblings were named Edward, Levi, William, Frank, Rosa, Joseph, Mary, Elizabeth, Margaret, Archibald, Gertrude, and Emma.

    So here’s the question: If you had to choose all of your own children’s names from just one of the sibsets above, which set would you pick? Why?

    Sources: Charlotte M Lacount Story – Find A Grave, Elsie E Dubay LaCount – Find A Grave

    Popular Baby Names in Switzerland, 2015

    According to data from the Swiss Federal Statistical Office (OFS), the country’s most popular baby names last year were Mia and Noah.

    Here are Switzerland’s top 10 girl names and top 10 boy names of 2015:

    Girl Names Boy Names
    1. Mia
    2. Emma
    3. Lara
    4. Lena
    5. Sofia
    6. Mila
    7. Anna
    8. Elena
    9. Laura
    10. Lina
    1. Noah
    2. Liam
    3. Luca
    4. Gabriel
    5. Leon
    6. David
    7. Matteo
    8. Elias
    9. Louis
    10. Levin

    In 2014 the top names were Emma and Noah.

    And here are the top names within each of the main language groups:

    Language Group Girl Names Boy Names
    German speakers
    (64% of Switzerland)
    1. Mia
    2. Emma
    3. Lena
    1. Leon
    2. Noah
    3. Luca
    French speakers
    1. Emma
    2. Alice
    3. Eva
    1. Gabriel
    2. Liam
    3. Noah
    Italian speakers
    1. Sofia
    2. Emma
    3. Noemi
    1. Leonardo
    2. Alessandro
    3. Liam
    Romansh speakers
    (less than 1%)
    1. Alessia 1. Laurin

    Sources: Most popular Swiss baby names in 2015 (via Clare’s Name News), Switzerland Statistics

    Popular Baby Names in Denmark, 2015

    According to data from Statistics Denmark, the most popular baby names in the country in 2015 were Sofia and William.

    Here are Denmark’s top 10 girl names and top 10 boy names of 2015:

    Girl Names Boy Names
    1. Sofia, 555 baby girls
    2. Freja, 459
    3. Ella, 449
    4. Alma, 445
    5. Anna, 419
    6. Emma, 415
    7. Laura, 412
    8. Clara, 398
    9. Ida, 390
    10. Isabella, 388
    1. William, 591 baby boys
    2. Noah, 543
    3. Lucas, 534
    4. Emil, 489
    5. Oliver, 489
    6. Oscar, 480
    7. Victor, 478
    8. Malthe, 455
    9. Alfred, 425
    10. Carl, 418

    Emma, the former #1 girl name, dropped to 6th place last year. Alma, on the other hand, jumped from 11th to 4th and replaced Karla in the top 10.

    On the boys’ side, Alfred (jumping from 17th to 9th) and Carl replaced Frederik and Magnus.

    In the top 50, the girl names Gry, Naya, and Silje replaced Alba, Naja, and Malou, and the boy names Jakob, Lauge, Milas, Silas, Theo, Thor, and Viggo replaced Andreas, Bertram, Daniel, Jacob, Jonas, Nikolaj, and Sander.

    (Gry means “dawn” in Danish and Norwegian, Silje is a diminutive of Cecilia, and Lauge is based on the Old Norse byname Félagi, meaning “fellow, partner, mate.”)

    Here are Denmark’s 2014 rankings.

    Sources: Names of newborn children – Statistics Denmark, Top 20 Danish baby names for boys and girls, Lauge – Nordic Names Wiki