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British PM Cameron Names Daughter Endellion

British Prime Minister David Cameron and his wife, Samantha, welcomed a baby girl on Tuesday (Aug. 24). Their fourth child was born a month early while the Camerons were on vacation in Cornwall.

Regarding the baby’s name, Cameron was quoted as saying, “It was very exciting having a baby in Cornwall. We’ll have to have something Cornish in there somewhere.”

And indeed they did get something Cornish in there. The baby was named Florence Rose Endellion. Endellion is in honor of St Endellion, a village in north Cornwall. The village name is based on the name of a 6th century Cornish saint, St. Endelienta.

The Camerons’ older children are named Ivan, Arthur and Nancy. (Ivan passed away in 2009 at age 6.)

Source: British PM announces new baby’s name, Cameron ‘proud dad’ after wife Samantha has baby girl, Camerons reveal daughter’s name