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Iowa Baby Named Nash for Nashville, Gets Gifts

The first baby born in central Iowa (including Des Moines) in 2014 was Nash David Eddie, son of Lance and Christine Eddie.

The name “Nash” was chosen in honor of Nashville, Tennessee. It’s where Lance and Christine went on their first road trip together.

When the president/CEO of the Nashville Convention and Visitors Corp. learned about baby Nash, he sent the Eddie family a bunch of “Nashville-themed gifts, including a CD with music from the TV show “Nashville,” a guitar-shaped chocolate bar, the “Lisa Loeb’s Silly Singalong” children’s book and a four-foot-tall stuffed Gnash — the Nashville Predators hockey team mascot.”

The family will also get free passes to local attractions the next time they visit Nashville.

(Some of the other locational baby names I’ve blogged about over the years: Brighton, Endellion, Julian, Sonora, Kennedy, Aquinnah, Georgian, Washington, Boston, Newark, Florence, Cape Cod, Bronx, Montana, Helsinki.)

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British PM Cameron Names Daughter Endellion

British Prime Minister David Cameron and his wife, Samantha, welcomed a baby girl on Tuesday (Aug. 24). Their fourth child was born a month early while the Camerons were on vacation in Cornwall.

Regarding the baby’s name, Cameron was quoted as saying, “It was very exciting having a baby in Cornwall. We’ll have to have something Cornish in there somewhere.”

And indeed they did get something Cornish in there. The baby was named Florence Rose Endellion. Endellion is in honor of St Endellion, a village in north Cornwall. The village name is based on the name of a 6th century Cornish saint, St. Endelienta.

The Camerons’ older children are named Ivan, Arthur and Nancy. (Ivan passed away in 2009 at age 6.)

Source: British PM announces new baby’s name, Cameron ‘proud dad’ after wife Samantha has baby girl, Camerons reveal daughter’s name