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Popular Baby Names in Northern Ireland, 2014

According to data from the Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency (NISRA), the most popular baby names in Northern Ireland in 2014 were Emily and Jack.

Here are NI’s top 10 girl names and top 10 boy names of 2014:

Girl Names Boy Names
1. Emily, 261 baby girls
2. Grace, 189
3. Sophie, 180
4. Amelia, 175
5. Ella, 172
6. Olivia, 152
7. Anna, 150
8. Lucy, 149
9. Sophia, 148
10. Eva, 146
1. Jack, 285 baby boys
2. James, 276
3. Daniel, 236
4. Charlie, 224
5. Harry, 193
6. Noah, 190
7. Oliver, 155
8. Ethan, 153
9. Jacob, 148
10. Thomas, 147

Olivia and Eva replace Aoife and Jessica in the girls’ top 10.

Thomas replaces Matthew in the boys’ top 10.

Two names that made big jumps into the top 100 were Kian (171st to 78th) and Aria (218th to 89th).

Finally, here are some of the unusual names that were given to only 1 or 2 babies in Northern Ireland last year:

Girl Names Boy Names
Aoifrie, Cobhlaith, Cuisle, Deirbhile, Enfys, Ermioni, Ezraelle, Flossie-Bo, Ionagh, Ionela, Labhaoise, Loveday, Maoiliosa, Maureen-Nevaeh, Narbflaith, Rimgaile, Saorfhlaith, Saylor-Doll, Tsz, Vogue, Zinifer Aodh, Benji-Beau, Caoilte, Cavani, Connlaoth, Davog, Dualta, Epaphroditus, Feidhlim, Goldberg, Grantas, Jecstonio, Jeef, Kal-El, Laochra, Laoghaire, Mjtba, Peanut, Seachlann, Stanex, Theo-Thaddeus, Tucgan

Earlier rankings for Northern Ireland: 2013, 2012, 2007, 2006.

Sources: NISRA – Demography, Most popular NI baby names for 2014 are Jack and Emily

Unusual Real Names – Epaphroditus, Orchard, Speedy, Waddy

Here’s a batch of unusual male names that belonged to various U.S. Representatives:

  • Bolling Hall (1767-1836) – U.S. Representative from Georgia.
  • Calvary Morris (1798-1871) – U.S. Representative from Ohio.
  • Chesselden Ellis (1808-1854) – U.S. Representative from New York.
  • Chittenden Lyon (1787-1842) – U.S. Representative from Kentucky.
  • Denver Church (1862-1952) – U.S. Representative from California.
  • Epaphroditus Champion (1756-1834) – U.S. Representative from Connecticut.
  • Montague Lessler (1869-1938) – U.S. Representative from New York.
  • Orchard Cook (1763-1819) – U.S. Representative from Massachusetts.
  • Smedley Darlington (1827-1899) – U.S. Representative from Pennsylvania. (Grandfather of Smedley Darlington Butler.)
  • Speedy Long (1928-2006) – U.S. Representative from Louisiana.
  • Tazewell Ellett (1856-1914) – U.S. Representative from Virginia.
  • Waddy Thompson (1798-1868) – U.S. Representative from South Carolina.
  • Wingfield Bullock (died in 1821) – U.S. Representative from Kentucky.