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5 Floral Fixes – Turn Any Flower Name into a Baby Name

aster, flowers

If you love roses, lilies, or daisies, you’re in luck: Rose, Lily and Daisy make lovely names. But what if your favorite flowers are saxifrages, or snapdragons? Not so lucky, right? Not so fast — you may still be able to spin these flower names into usable baby names. Here are five things to try:

  1. If you know the common name, check out the scientific name. (Bastard balm is M. melissophyllum, which is a lot like Melissa. Sneezeweeds are found in the genus Helenium–how about Helen?)
  2. If you know the scientific name, check out the common names. (Various plants are called Rose of Sharon. Two others are known as Queen Anne’s Lace and Ulster Mary.)
  3. If there are cultivars, look for names among them.
  4. Think of a similar-sounding human name. (Rhododendron, Chrysanthemum and Aster could become Rhoda, Christine and Esther.)
  5. Brainstorm for an association to symbolize the flower. (Where did you first see this flower? What’s the name of your neighborhood florist?)

What other tips can you come up with?