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How Do You Feel About Your Name, Fagan?

“I hated the sound of my name when I was younger, I always thought it was ugly, but now I love it,” says Fagan, a 38-year-old who was born and raised in Central Texas.

Fagan was named in honor of her parents’ friends (their surname is Fagan). Her middle name is also unique:

I have a double whammy, since my middle name is Bath. Fagan Bath does raise some eyebrows.

What does Fagan like most about her name?

People seem to react favorably to my name and it is often complemented as being a pretty name, which is nice. I like it because it is different without being strange and I feel that it suits my personality.

What does Fagan like least about her name?

The down side to my name is that it is continually mis-understood and I have to spell it many times a day. It has always seemed to me that since it is so close to a very common name, Megan, it would be easy for people to grasp, but that is not the case. When people do make a stab at spelling it on their own they spell it Fagen or Fagin, never Fagan. The people who understand it right away are always older men who are familiar with the Charles Dickens character with a slightly different spelling. The strangest spelling I have ever seen was on a fax someone sent me addressed to Phaeghanne.

The other odd thing is that on many occasions when I have given my name over the phone it is heard as “Say it again,” which results in their repeating “What is your first name?” again, and we go in circles.

What other interesting names can be found in Fagan’s family?

I am the eldest of 4 children. My two sisters are Banjo (no middle name) and Island Bath (we share a middle name). My brother’s name is Von Wolfgang Josiah. When we are all together it is generally a sort of circus atmosphere, with people are falling over each other to introduce us to strangers.

Fagan also has a son named Skylar Vaughn and a daughter named Savannah Vale.

Thanks so much, Fagan!