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Popularity of the Baby Name Farren

Posts that Mention the Name Farren

Faron from the Fifties

Faron Young, 1956, country music

The baby name Faron debuted (rather impressively) in the U.S. baby name data in 1952:

  • 1957: 107 baby boys named Faron
  • 1956: 146 baby boys named Faron (peak)
  • 1955: 117 baby boys named Faron
  • 1954: 82 baby boys named Faron
  • 1953: 54 baby boys named Faron
  • 1952: 12 baby boys named Faron [debut]
  • 1951: unlisted

It entered the top 1,000 the next year, and stayed there until the late 1960s.

What popularized it? A Louisiana-born honky-tonk singer named Faron Young. His first single came out in 1951, and his earliest hit on the country and western music charts was “Goin’ Steady” (1952) which reached the top 10 on Billboard‘s Country & Western Best Seller list for two weeks in March of 1953.

The name itself peaked on the baby name charts in 1956, when Faron started to appear in Hollywood movies. The image above comes from a mid-1956 advertisement in Billboard magazine for both his latest song, “Sweet Dreams,” and his first movie, Hidden Guns.

Where does the name Faron come from? I don’t know how Faron’s parents came up with his name, but Faron happens to be a French surname that can be traced back to an ancient Germanic word (fara) meaning “journey, fare.”

A similar name, Farren — along with a slew of variants (Farrin, Ferren, Ferrin, etc.) — saw a spike in usage for baby girls in the mid-1980s thanks to a character named Farren Connor on the soap opera The Young and the Restless.

Do you like Faron, Farren, and similar names? If so, do you think they sound better as male names or as female names?

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