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Babies Named for “Gentleman Jim” Corbett

James Corbett, BoxerOne of the most impressive 19th-century baby name debuts was Corbett, from 1892.

Corbett was the highest debut on the SSA’s list until 1898 rolled around with the names Manilla, Hobson, and Admiral (all inspired by the Spanish-American War).

According to SSA data, at least 23 baby boys were named Corbett in 1892:

  • 1897: 14 baby boys named Corbett
  • 1896: 10 baby boys named Corbett
  • 1895: 11 baby boys named Corbett
  • 1894: 20 baby boys named Corbett
  • 1893: 15 baby boys named Corbett
  • 1892: 23 baby boys named Corbett [debut]
  • 1891: unlisted

But the actual number was much higher. The SSDI indicates that at least 59 Corbetts were born in 1892:

  • 1897: 27 people named Corbett (SSDI)
  • 1896: 30 people named Corbett (SSDI)
  • 1895: 51 people named Corbett (SSDI)
  • 1894: 67 people named Corbett (SSDI)
  • 1893: 48 people named Corbett (SSDI)
  • 1892: 59 people named Corbett (SSDI)
  • 1891: 5 people named Corbett

What gave Corbett a boost that year?

Sports. In September of 1892, boxer James “Gentleman Jim” Corbett defeated John L. Sullivan to win the World Heavyweight Boxing Championship in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Even if he hadn’t won, the press leading up to the match would have popularized the name enough for it to make a splash. More than half of those baby Corbetts — 31 out of 59 — were born before the match even took place.

(That said, many babies born in those days were not named immediately after birth. So no doubt a portion of the early Corbetts were actually nameless until the day of the event.)

Usage of the name increased again in 1894, which is the year Corbett defended his title against boxer Charley Mitchell.

Jim Corbett ultimately lost the title in 1897, to Bob Fitzsimmons.

(Sullivan, Corbett and Fitzsimmons are the first three middle names of the girl with 25 heavyweight boxing champion-inspired middle names.)

So what does the surname Corbett mean? It can be traced back to a Norman French nickname meaning “crow” or “raven.” The nickname would have been given to a person with a dark complexion or dark hair.

Do you like the name Corbett?

Source: James J. Corbett – Wikipedia
Image: James John Corbett circa 1893 (LOC)

Baby Girl Named After 25 Heavyweight Boxers

To the kids at school, she’ll be Autumn Brown. But her full name is: Autumn Sullivan Corbett Fitzsimmons Jeffries Hart Burns Johnson Willard Dempsey Tunney Schmeling Sharkey Carnera Baer Braddock Louis Charles Walcott Marciano Patterson Johansson Liston Clay Frazier Foreman Brown.

Those middle names? The surnames of 25 world heavyweight boxing champions, beginning with John L. Sullivan and ending with George Foreman (and including Ezzard Charles).

Autumn was born about 6 weeks ago in England. Her boxing-obsessed maternal grandparents gave their three children a total of 103 boxer names, and Autumn’s mother Maria (who wasn’t able to remember her full name until the age of 10) decided to keep the tradition alive.

Source: Autumn’s a real knockout!