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Fourth-of-July Babies Named “Fourth”

United States flagDid you know that all six of the people named “Fourth” in the current version of the Social Security Death Index were born on the Fourth of July?

Here they are, ordered by birth year: Fourth Inscho (1889), Fourth Smith (1892), Fourth Hendrick (1897), Fourth Marshall (1899), Fourth Thomas (1902) and finally Fourth Shaw (1903).

But that’s not all! Six more the people with a variant of Fourth as their first name were also Independence Day babies: Fourthie Johns (1882), Fourthey Wolfe (1891), Fourtha Bolinger (1898), Fourtha Henory (1900), Fourtha Wilburn (1910), and Fourthie Cole (1911).

So, if you’re due on Monday, and you want to give your baby a highly unusual name, this could be the one.

(And, if the baby just happens to be your fourth, the name comes with a double meaning — which is even better than a double rainbow.)