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German Saar Baby Named Saarfried

Saar stampA German baby boy born in the Saar on 13 January 1935, the day of the Saar plebiscite, was named Saarfried “out of sheer patriotic joy.”

The official registrar “raised no objection” to the baby’s made-up name, a combination of the territory name and fried, meaning “peace.” This element is also found in traditional German names like Siegfried and Gottfried.

The outcome of the plebiscite? Over 90% of those who voted were in favor of the Saar returning to Hitler’s Germany. (Not too peaceful for those who then had to flee, including the mother of France.)

Source: “New Name Coined by Saar Plebiscite.” Los Angeles Times 10 Mar. 1935: 7.

Baby of Saar Refugee Named After France

In January of 1935, residents of the Saar, which had been governed by France and Britain since 1920, voted to reunify with Hitler’s Germany.

Those who feared the coming Nazi regime were forced to flee the territory.

Weeks later, Saar refugee Anna Serf gave birth to the first refugee baby in Toulouse, France. The baby girl was named France Marie Louise.

Source: “Saar Refugee Baby Named After France.” Pittsburgh Press 26 Feb 1935: 18.