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Popularity of the Baby Name Fraser

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Five-Name Friday: Boy Name Like Fraser, Rafferty

five name friday, boy name

You’re on the subway. The car is nearly empty, but across from you is a friendly woman who happens to be pregnant, and the two of you strike up a conversation. After a few minutes she starts gathering up her belongings — she has to get off at the next stop. While she does this she mentions that she and her spouse still can’t think of a name for their son. Then she tells you the gist of what they’re looking for:

We like names like Fraser, Keating, Rafferty, and Spencer. Would love suggestions for something similar — all that go with the last name Chen!

“Do you have any suggestions?”

You’re a name lover, and you could potentially give her dozens of suggestions. But the train is already slowing down, so you only have time to give her five baby name suggestions before the doors open.

But here’s the fun part: Instead of blurting out the first five names you come up with (which is what you’d be forced to do in real life) you get to press a magical “pause” button, brainstorm for a bit, and then “unpause” the scenario to offer her the best five names you can think of.

Here are a few things to keep in mind as you brainstorm:

  • Be independent. Decide on your five names before looking at anyone else’s five names.
  • Be sincere. Would you honestly suggest these particular baby names out loud to a stranger on the subway?
  • Five names only! All names beyond the first five in your comment will be either deleted or replaced with nonsense words.

Finally, here’s the request again:

We like names like Fraser, Keating, Rafferty, and Spencer. Would love suggestions for something similar — all that go with the last name Chen!

Which five baby names are you going to suggest?

[To send in your own 2-sentence baby name request, here are the directions, and here’s the contact form.]

The Baby Name Kaleena

Kaleena in Love, Sidney
Love, Sidney characters Laurie, Sidney, and Patti
In October of 1981, NBC began airing a sitcom called Love, Sidney. It was the first show on American TV with a gay lead character (although Sidney’s homosexuality was largely downplayed).

Actors Tony Randall, Swoosie Kurtz and 8-year-old Kaleena Kiff played the three main characters Sidney, Laurie and Patti. Despite the ground-breaking nature of Randall’s character, it was Kiff who made the biggest impression on TV viewers (if you go by the baby name charts, at least).

The baby name Kaleena went from being given to fewer than 5 baby girls in 1980 to being given to dozens, then hundreds, of baby girls over the next few years:

  • 1986: 79 baby girls named Kaleena
  • 1985: 82 baby girls named Kaleena
  • 1984: 101 baby girls named Kaleena
  • 1983: 341 baby girls named Kaleena
  • 1982: 270 baby girls named Kaleena
  • 1981: 41 baby girls named Kaleena [debut]
  • 1980: unlisted (fewer than 5 baby girls)

The name Kalina also got a boost in the early ’80s.

Kaleena was fifth-highest debut of 1981, after Fallon, Toccara, Nastassia and Falon. Sixth through tenth were Yalitza, Natassia, Yuliana, Shiona, and a 5-way tie between Dynasty, Jadyn, Laiza, Shambrica and Tijwana.

What are your thoughts on the name Kaleena?

P.S. A name-related tweet from Kaleena Kiff herself: “Everyone on our set is called Fergus, Angus, or Fraser. I must be shooting in Glasgow. #LegendofBarney” That hashtag refers to the upcoming movie The Legend of Barney Thomson, which is set in Scotland and features a character by the name of Cemolina (played by Emma Thompson).

Baby Named After Fish and Chip Shop – Again!

Emma and James Kennedy of West Bromwich, England, welcomed a baby boy about six weeks ago. They’d “been toying with a couple of names including Fraser and Harrison,” said Emma, but didn’t have a name chosen on the day she went into labor.

So it was fortuitous that her contractions began inside a Harry Ramsden’s restaurant. They took that as a sign and named their son Harrison, nickname Harry.

This is the second fish and chip baby I’ve come across. The first one, Taylor, was named for Taylor’s Fish and Chip Shop in Stockport–just 90 miles south of of the Harry Ramsden’s in Brierley Hill.

In fact, Harrison might just be my fourth fish and chip baby. Someone in New Zealand once tried to name a set of twins Fish and Chips. The names were blocked, though, so I don’t know if they should count.

Source: Baby’s name inspired after Harry Ramsden’s drama
Map: Mapquest