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Convince Your Picky Partner – Use Gestures

gestureDo you “talk with your hands” a lot?

That could be a good thing, if you’re trying to get your partner to like some of the baby names you like.

According to several studies by Italian researcher Fridanna Maricchiolo, hand gestures increase the power of persuasive messages.

What types of gestures were most effective for persuasion?

Most effective are gestures which make what you are saying more understandable. For example, when referring to the past, point behind you.

Study participants whose gestures were linked to speech (i.e., whose gestures conveyed or reinforced the idea they were trying to get across) were seen as more effective and more composed than participants whose gestures were not linked to speech.

And are there types of gestures you should avoid?

[Y]ou should avoid gesturing toward yourself. Pointing to yourself, placing hands on your self, or otherwise self-referencing created lower impressions of a speaker’s competence.

That said, self-referencing gestures are still better than no gestures at all.

Sources: 10 Simple Postures That Boost Performance, Go Ahead and Talk with Your Hands, But Know What You’re Saying