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Popularity of the Baby Name Gerardo

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The Baby Name Suave

When I first spotted Suave on the SSA’s baby name list, I immediately thought of that Gerardo song “Rico Suave” [vid].

But that wasn’t it. The single was released in 1990, two years after Suave debuted:

  • 1987: not listed
  • 1988: 17 baby boys named Suave
  • 1989: 7 baby boys named Suave
  • 1990: 6 baby boys named Suave
  • 1991: 8 baby boys named Suave
  • 1992: 7 baby boys named Suave [debut]
  • 1993: not listed

The inspiration was actually singer Suave, who scored a top 40 hit in 1988 with his cover of The Temptations’ “My Girl.” (Nothing to do with the 1991 movie of the same name.)

The word “suave” comes from the Latin suavis, meaning “sweet.”