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Popularity of the Baby Name Goddess

Posts that Mention the Name Goddess

Mystery Monday: The Baby Name “Goddess”

This one might sound like a very modern name — and it is. It’s been given to dozens of baby girls yearly for about a decade now. But Goddess also popped up in the data once in the 1950s, and I’m not sure why.

  • 1958: unlisted
  • 1957: 6 baby girls named Goddess [debut]
  • 1956: unlisted

A quick search pulls up a a bunch of mid-’50s movies with the word “Goddess” in the title, but none of these movies seem to line up with a 1957 debut.

  • The American film Devil Goddess (1955) came out too early.
  • The American film The Goddess (1958) came out too late.
  • The German film Liane, Jungle Goddess (1956) wasn’t released in the U.S. until 1959. (We can see a corresponding spike in the number of babies named Liane.)
  • The Italian film The Goddess of Love (1957) wasn’t released in the U.S. until 1960.

The word was also in the title of the 1955 Aldous Huxley novel The Genius and the Goddess, which became a Broadway play of the same name in December of 1957…but the play didn’t even last a week before closing, so I doubt that’s the answer.

Any thoughts on this one?

Overconfident Baby Names

Overconfident baby names like Classy, Epic, Majestic, Handsome and Einstein.

Overconfident Baby Names

The ones I’ve blogged about so far are Envy, Foxy, Suave and Unique.

Here are some of the baby names that didn’t make the cut: Aristotle, Artist, Boss, Brave, Couture, Czar, Dandy, Emperor, Fancy, Fantasy, Great, Hercules, Legacy, Ninja, Peerless, Pride, Pristine, Ritzy, Romeo, Royalty, Sassy.

If you know anyone who appreciates baby name humor, please share!

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Could Selfie Become a Baby Name?

Hillary Clinton and Meryl Streep Selfie
Meryl Streep and Hillary Rodham Clinton selfie
(Photo by Ron Sachs – Pool/Getty Images)

Selfie was declared the 2013 Word of the Year by Oxford Dictionaries back on November 19.

Why? Because the word selfie, which was coined in 2002, became extremely popular in 2013. According to the Oxford Dictionaries press release, “the frequency of the word selfie in the English language has increased by 17,000% since this time last year.”

This makes me wonder…did any parents name their babies Selfie in 2013?

Now, technically, the name Selfie already exists (e.g., Selfie Lee Borom, Selfie M. Moore). But all of the people I’ve found so far named Selfie were born long before the modern term selfie emerged.

Personally, I think there’s a decent chance that a baby or two got the name Selfie last year.

After all, Selfie sounds a lot like the stylish baby names Sophie (currently ranked 52nd) and Sofie (996th).

And, while a lot of people would be turned off by the explicit narcissism of the word, I’m sure others would not be bothered by it. How else could baby names like Awesome, Einstein, Epic, Goddess, Greatness and Prodigy have come to exist?

Would selfie make a good baby name?

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Do you think there’s a chance Selfie could debut on the SSA’s baby name list in 2013?

(For a name to appear on the national list, it needs to be given to at least 5 babies of either gender during a single calendar year.)

Source: Oxford Dictionaries Word of the Year 2013