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Dancers Name Baby After Playwright

marge and gower championHusband-and-wife dance team Marge and Gower Champion appeared in a number of musical films during the 1950s.

The couple had two sons, the first of whom was born in 1956 and named Gregg Ernest. According to a 1957 newspaper, he “was named after New York novelist James Gregg, who staked the Champions to the $30 they needed to their first dance engagement in Montreal.”

I spent hours trying to find a New York novelist from the ’50s named James Gregg…before discovering that the namesake was actually Jess Gregg, who wasn’t a novelist so much as a playwright. Who knows if that part about the $30 is true…

I also discovered that the baby’s middle name came from Marge’s father, whose full name was “Ernest Belcher,” unfortunately.


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