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Popularity of the Baby Name Gustavus

Posts that Mention the Name Gustavus

Names from Central Burying Ground in Boston

Boston’s Central Burying Ground was established in 1756, so it’s newer than the other Boston cemeteries I’ve blogged about (King’s Chapel, Granary, and Copp’s Hill). Nevertheless, it still contains some pretty interesting names:

  • A: Aderline, Alford, Alona, Alpheus, Alsendorf, Annjulett, Antice, Anstice, Arodi, Artemis, Asadel
  • B: Barstow, Barzillia, Belcher, Benaset
  • C: Calista, Christeena, Clarena, Clarentine, Cumming
  • D: Dolley
  • E: Ede, Elbridge, Elhanah, Eliakim, Emely
  • F: Fletcher, Freelove
  • G: Giles, Gilman, Gustavus
  • H: Hannahretta, Hawkes, Hepzibah, Hermione, Hezekiah, Hitty
  • I: Ichabod, Ignatius, Iphigenia
  • J: Jaazaniah, Jennet
  • K: Keziah
  • L: Lendall, Llewlwyn, Loms, Lot, Lyman
  • M: Manasseh, Mansfred, Marayanna, Marston, Mayday, Mehitable, Micajah, Milla, Mindwell, Minerva
  • N: Nabby, Nahum
  • O: Orvilla
  • P: Pamelia, Percival, Phebee, Philander, Pliny
  • R: Rodolth, Rosalinda, Rosamund, Ruhamah
  • S: Sally, Salome, Seiba, Shubael, Shubel, Sibley, Silence, Silvanus, Sophronia, Sukey, Sylvanus
  • T: Tamer, Ternon, Theophilus, Tristam, Tryphena
  • V: Vivia
  • W: Waverly, Wentworth, Worham, Winthrop
  • Z: Zabiah, Zebiah, Zeal, Zephaniah, Zilpah

I bet Vivia would appeal to modern parents looking for an alternative to Olivia and/or Vivian.

Which of the above do you like best? How about least?

Source: Gravestone Inscriptions and Records of Tomb Burials in the Central Burying Ground (1917) by Ogden Codman

Names that Make Me Smile

Something fun for the end of the week! The following names never fail to brighten my day:

  • Archibald Constable (1774-1827) – Scottish publisher.
  • Cornthwaite Ommanney (1736-1801) – grandfather of Erasmus, below.
  • Cotton Tufts (1734-1815) – U.S. physician.
  • Endicott Peabody (1920-1997) – U.S. politician.
  • Erasmus Ommanney (1814-1904) – English explorer.
  • Fabiana Bravo (b. 1969) – Argentine opera singer.
  • Felix Frankfurter (1882-1965) – Supreme Court justice.
  • Felix Kirk Zollicoffer (1812-1862) – U.S. politician.
  • Filippo “Lippo” Lippi (1406-1469) – Italian painter.
  • Fritz Zwicky (1898-1974) – Swiss astronomer.
  • Gillespie Montgomery (1920-2006) – U.S. politician.
  • Gonzaga Gonza (d. 1886) – Ugandan martyr.
  • Gustavus Vasa Fox (1821-1883) – U.S. politician.
  • Halifax Shackleton – 16-year-old girl born in Halifax, Yorkshire, according to the 1911 England and Wales census.
  • Isadora Duncan (1877-1927) – U.S. dancer.
  • Morris Ketchum Jesup (1830-1908) – U.S. banker.
  • Nellie Melba (1861-1931) – Australian opera singer.
  • Otto van Veen (1556-1629) – Dutch painter.
  • Simeon Solomon (1840-1905) – English painter.
  • Stirling Silliphant (1918-1996) – U.S. screenwriter.
  • Tranquilino Luna (1849-1892) – U.S. politician.
  • Wambly Bald (1902-1990) – U.S. writer/columnist.
  • Wynkyn de Worde (d. 1534) – French printer. (The surname refers to a location in France, not words on the page, but it’s a great name anyway.)

Do you have any favorite names?