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Unusual Names in Malaysia Cause Voter Discrimination

Malaysian politician Joseph Entulu Belaun is angry that unusual voter names on the Malaysian electoral roll are being viewed suspiciously by other members of government. He said:

The Opposition has clearly insulted these voters and do not understand or respect the cultures and practices of these people.

Their names are unique and unusual as they originate from long-standing cultures and traditions, especially among the orang asli and the indigenous people of Sabah and Sarawak.

The list of 12.8 million voter names includes Timun (Cucumber), Kangkung (Water Convolvulus), Harimau (Tiger), Kuda (Horse), and S (the letter) — all real names belonging to genuine voters.

Entulu said that unusual names are especially common in “indigenous communities like the Iban and Bidayu.”

Source: Deputy minister: Don’t belittle voters with unusual names