How popular is the baby name Holy in the United States right now? How popular was it historically? Find out using the graph below! Plus, check out all the blog posts that mention the name Holy.

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Popularity of the Baby Name Holy

Posts that Mention the Name Holy

Holy, Blessed & Sacred Names

Currently, there are 12 people named Blessed, 14 named Holy and 7 named Sacred in the SSDI. More than half of these people have nouns as surnames:

  • Blessed Love (3 people)
  • Blessed Quietness* (2)
  • Holy Love (2)
  • Blessed Bush (1)
  • Blessed Heart (1)
  • Blessed Mann (1)
  • Blessed Name (1)
  • Blessed Truth (1)
  • Holy Crown (1)
  • Holy Patience (1)
  • Holy Peace (1)
  • Holy Quietness (1)
  • Holy Woman (1)
  • Sacred Heart (1)
  • Sacred Mango (1)

Yup, Sacred Mango.

I love how there’s both a Blessed Mann and a Holy Woman.

*The hymn “Blessed Quietness” was written by Manie Payne Ferguson (1850-1932). Here’s a cool version [vid] by The Davis Sisters.