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Baby Names in India – Ekta, Hriday, Mandakranta, Parthasarathy

An article in today’s news discusses baby-naming trends in India. Some of the names mentioned by reporter Rituparna Bhowmik include:

Male Female
Arpit – “devoted”
Hriday – “heart”
Jowar – “high tide”
Karan – “ear”
Narayan – a god
Navneet – “butter”
Parthasarathy – “charioteer of Arjuna”
Yayati – a sage
Arpita – “devoted”
Ekta – “unity”
Kanyakumari – a goddess
Kavita – “poetry”
Laxmi – a goddess
Mandakranta – a poetic meter
Mrignayani – “doe-eyed”
Parvati – a goddess
Seema – “borders”

Bhowmik also notes that Indian parents aim to choose “refined” names that

reflect both the physical and mental abilities of the newborn and, most importantly in today’s globalised world, can be pronounced by people of all cultures.