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Crazy Baby Names – Seven, Zee, Genghis, Zaugg

“Crazy baby names” is the topic of Tracy Beckerman‘s most recent “Lost in Suburbia” column. She focuses on two babies, Seven (girl) and Zee (boy), but mentions a few others:

“I know someone who named their kid, Genghis.”

“Why? Was Mussolini taken?”

“And another couple who named their kids after two different ski runs in Colorado,” she continued. “One is named Zaugg and the other is called Hyrup.”

“Those sound like names for Hobbits or evil emperors of the Galactic Alliance,” I said.

“Ironically, they then got a dog and named it Bill,” she continued.

Funny stuff. Read the whole thing here. Or here. Or here.

By the way, over 100 babies (86 boys, 28 girls) were named Seven last year. George Costanza would be proud.