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8 Millionth Azerbaijani Named Heydar

The population of Earth recently passed 7 billion.

Back in 1999, they year we passed 6 billion, Azerbaijan celebrated its own population milestone — 8 million.

According to the Turan News Agency, the 8 millionth Azerbaijani was a baby boy born on October 12. He was named Heydar in honor of the country’s president, Heydar Aliyev.

Update, 2021: Just found a 2019 Eurasianet article (“Azerbaijan celebrates 10 millionth citizen“) about subsequent “millionth” babies in Azerbaijan. Here’s a quote:

The baby deemed to have been the 10 millionth Azerbaijani was born on April 6 in Baku to a couple of internally displaced people from Nagorno-Karabakh, the territory currently controlled by Armenian forces which Azerbaijan vows to take back. As if that wasn’t symbolic enough, the baby was given the name Mehriban, the same name as the country’s first lady and first vice president, Mehriban Aliyeva. As it happens – the coincidences keep coming – the country’s nine millionth resident was a baby boy born in 2010 named Ilham, named after the president. The eight millionth Azerbaijani? A boy born in 1999 named Heydar, [after] Ilham’s father, who at the time was president.