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Names from Copp’s Hill Burying Ground in Boston

Another cemetery!

The most bizarre name I spotted while reading through headstone inscriptions from Copp’s Hill Burying Ground (est. 1659) was Tickleemanbeck:

Tickleemanbeck, died 1702, Boston

Is that a surname or a first name? Or, was this a mononymous person? A Native American, maybe? I have no idea.

The rest of the more unusual names weren’t all that unusual, really, given the time period. Most of these occurred just once in the records:

  • A: Achsah, Ales, Almeda, Ammi, Annis, Aquila, Archibald, Artor, Asahel, Avis
  • B: Bethesda, Buckland
  • C: Cornelius, Cotton (Cotton Mather), Christiana, Christon, Custin
  • E: Edee, Eliphal, Ellsy, Esdras
  • F: Flora, Fortesque, Furnell
  • G: Gershom, Gibbins, Goodeth
  • H: Harbottle, Hemmen, Henretta, Hephsibah, Hezekiah, Hindreh (called Henry in other records), Holland, Hopestill, Hotton
  • I: Increase (Increase Mather)
  • J: Jemimia, Job, Joses, Judet
  • K: Kathron, Kezia
  • L: Lettice/Lettuce, Love
  • M: Mehetebel/Mehitabel
  • O: Obedience
  • P: Palsgrave, Pelatiah, Philander, Prissilah
  • R: Rosetta
  • S: Seeth, Sewall, Shem (Shem Drowne), Sibella, Silvanus
  • T: Tamazen, Temperance, Theodocia, Tickleemanbeck
  • W: Willmoth

Finally, here are two earlier posts with names from two more historical Boston cemeteries: King’s Chapel (est. 1630) and Granary (est. 1660).


More Names from Boston Burials – Ziba, Buttolph, Fear

Granary, Boston
Granary Burying Ground, Boston

Last month I posted about interesting names that can be found at King’s Chapel Burying Ground, one of the two cemeteries on Boston’s Freedom Trail.

Today let’s check out interesting names that can be found at the other cemetery on the Trail, Granary Burying Ground (est. 1660).

Here’s what I spotted (using a book of inscriptions):

  • A: Azor, Appoline, Adelbart, Adino, Adna, Affia, Albion, Alfrena, Alithere (female), Alletta, Angalesa, Anjennette, Areton, Aroline, Atsey, Avid
  • B: Barachiah, Bethulia, Buttolph
  • C: Cassander, Clarenia, Collford, Cornwall, Crispus (Crispus Attucks), Cushing
  • D: Danforth, Dering, Duty (male)
  • E: Egatha, Electa, Eudoxa, Euphaime, Eustis
  • F: Fessenden, Fitzwilliam, Fear, Fidealia
  • G: Gad, Geradine, Grisell
  • J: Jacquith, Jenevie, Jennet, Jocastia
  • K: Knight
  • L: Laban, Lately, Lisley, Llewellyn, Lodusky (female), Loungo
  • M: Mahala, Malvina, Maranda, Melatiah (female), Metcalf, Moody
  • N: Nahum
  • O: Olimpia, Olander, Onesiphorus, Orinda, Ozias
  • P: Patterick, Peace (male), Pearly, Peletiah, Pepperell, Peregrin, Person, Philobeth (male), Phineas, Pilgrim, Plummer, Prosillo (female)
  • R: Rasilla, Reconcile, Roxana (“from Roxbury”)
  • S: Samartha, Seath, Seferanna, Sophronia, Stoddard, Stanhope, Sylvender
  • T: Tamer, Theophilus, Thusia, Trueman
  • W: Waitstill, Welthea, Wilhelmina, Winthrop
  • Z: Zera, Ziba (male)

All of the above were listed just once. Notable names that appeared more than once in the book include Almira/Elmira, Bathsheba, Dewitt, Doritha, Elbridge, Epes (relatives of Epes Sargent), Gamaliel, Gershom, Gillam, Increase, Jotham, Keziah, Louisiana, Mehitable/Mehetable, Nabby, Pamelia/Permelia, Persis, Rozamond/Rozamund, Silence, Sylvanus and Tamzen.

Source: Gravestone inscriptions and records of tomb burials in the Granary Burying Ground, Boston, Mass. (1918) by Ogden Codman

Puritan Names

puritan baby names

The Clapp family of 17th-century Dorchester, Massachusetts, was headed by parents Roger and Johanna, both of whom had been born in England. They married in 1633 and welcomed at least 14 children, some of whom were given moderately eccentric Puritan-era names:

  • Samuel, born in 1634
  • William, b. 1636
  • Elizabeth, b. 1638
  • Experience, b. 1640
  • Waitstill, b. 1641
  • Preserved, b. 1643
  • Experience (#2), b. 1645
  • Hopestill, b. 1647
  • Wait, b. 1649
  • Thanks, b. 1651
  • Desire, b. 1652
  • Thomas, b. 1655
  • Unite, b. 1656
  • Supply, b. 1660

After coming across the Clapp family, I was inspired to search for other over-the-top Puritan baby names. Here are a bunch of examples, all from England:

  • Abstinence Pougher, baptized in 1679
  • Abuse-not Ellis, bap. 1592
  • Accepted Frewen, bap. 1588
  • Aid-on-hye Vynall, bap. 1596
  • Anger Bull, died in 1680
  • Be-steadfast Elliard, bap. 1636
  • Be-strong Philpott, bap. 1592
  • Be-thankfull Gyles, bap. 1601
  • Continent Walker, bap. 1594 – here, continent refers to the adjective, meaning “exercising self-restraint, especially sexually.”
  • Deliverance Fennyhouse, bap. 1605
  • Depend Outtered, bap. 1587
  • Doo-good Fuller, died 1628
  • Faynt-not Browne, bap. 1585
  • Faith-my-joy Grey, 1600-1602
  • Fare-well Hamlen, bap. 1589
  • Feare-God Couper, bap. 1588
  • Fear-not Browne, bap. 1589
  • Flie-fornication Andrewes, bap. 1609 – born out of wedlock
  • Forsaken Walton, bap. 1598 – born out of wedlock
  • From-above Hendley, bap. 1582
  • Free-gift Bishopp, bap. 1621
  • Give-thankes Cunsted, bap. 1587
  • God-helpe Cooper, both father and son, 1600s
  • Godly Fauterell, bap. 1579
  • Goodgift Gynninges, bap. 1633
  • Handmaid Johnson (married name), 1600s
  • Hate-evill Greenhill, bap. 1660
  • Have-mercie Stone, bap. 1613
  • Help-on-high Foxe, 1600s
  • Hope-full Wheatlye, bap. 1604
  • Hope-still Peedle, bap. 1611
  • Humiliation Hinde, both father and son, 1600s
  • Increased Helley, bap. 1587
  • Joye-in-Sorrow Godman, bap. 1595
  • Lament Foxe, bap. 1594
  • Lamentation Chapman, 1500s
  • Learn-wysdome Ellis, bap. 1589
  • Live-well Chapman, 1600s
  • Love-God Walker, bap. 1596
  • Magnyfy Freeland, bap. 1591
  • More-fruite Stone, bap. 1587
  • Much-mercie Harmer, bap. 1598
  • My-sake Hallam, bap. 1586
  • No-merit Vynall, bap. 1589
  • Obey Larkford, bap. 1587
  • Peaceable Sherwood, bap. 1597
  • Praise-God Barebone, born in 1598
  • Preserved Holman, bap. 1588
  • Purifie Presse, bap. 1584
  • Refrayne Wykes, bap. 1595
  • Rejoyce Lorde, bap. 1621
  • Renewed Hopkinson, bap. 1588
  • Repentance Benham, bap. 1597
  • Repent Boorman, bap. 1586
  • Safe-on-Highe Hopkinson, bap. 1591
  • Sin-denye Tebb, bap. 1592
  • Sory-for-sine (Sorry-for-sin) Coupard, bap. 1589
  • Stand-Fast-On-High Stringer, 1600s
  • Stedfast Bell, bap. 1587
  • Thankfull Frewen, bap. 1591
  • What-God-will Crosland, both father and son, 1600s

Which one is your favorite?