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Popularity of the Baby Name Jada

Posts that Mention the Name Jada

Top Baby Names in NYC – Jayden, Isabella

Last year — for the third year in a row — New York City’s most popular baby names were Jayden and Isabella.

More than 800 baby boys were named Jayden and more than 600 baby girls were named Isabella in 2011.

Here are more of the top boy names:

Rank OVERALL Asian &
Black Hispanic White
1 JAYDEN Ethan Jayden Jayden Michael
2 Jacob Jayden Aiden Justin Joseph
3 Ethan Ryan Elijah Jacob Jacob
4 Daniel Justin Jeremiah Matthew David
5 Michael Lucas Joshua Angel Benjamin
6 Matthew Jason Ethan Ethan Moshe
7 Justin Aiden Josiah Christopher Daniel
8 David Kevin Isaiah Daniel Alexander
9 Aiden* Eric Tyler Alexander Matthew
10 Alexander* Daniel Michael Anthony Jack

*Aiden and Alexander are new. They replace Joseph (#13) and Joshua (#14).

And here are the rest of the top girl names:

Rank OVERALL Asian &
Black Hispanic White
1 ISABELLA Sophia Madison Isabella Esther
2 Sophia Chloe London Mia Emma,
3 Olivia Emily Kayla Sophia Leah
4 Emma Olivia Chloe Ashley Sophia
5 Mia Emma Aaliyah Camila Chaya
6 Emily Isabella Makayla Sofia Sarah
7 Madison Tiffany Nevaeh Emily Rachel
8 Leah Ashley Gabrielle Hailey Ava
9 Chloe Fiona Taylor Leah Isabella
10 Sofia* Angela Jada,
Madison Chana

*Sofia is new. It replaces Sarah (#11).

Source: Mayor Bloomberg Announces Isabella and Jayden Are 2011’s Most Popular Baby Names for Third Year in a Row

Most Popular Names in Jamaica in 2011

According to Jamaica’s Registrar General’s Department (RGD), the top baby names in Jamaica in 2011 were Jayden and Gabrielle.

Here are the top 5 names for each gender:

Boy Names Girl Names
1. Jayden
2. Daniel
3. Joshua
4. Justin
5. Jaden & Ajani [tie]
1. Gabrielle
2. Amelia
3. Tianna
4. Brianna
5. Jada

And some extra facts:

  • While Jayden remained the top boy name, usage decreased nearly 13% from 2010 to 2011.
  • Ajani rose to 5th from 8th (2010).
  • Jada rose to 5th from in 9th (2010).
  • The top middle names were Anthony (again) and Abigail (beating 2010’s Amanda).

The only other popularity list I have for Jamaica is from 2008, when the top names were Daniel and Brihanna.

Source: Jayden, Gabrielle most popular Jamaican baby names, Jamaica Observer

Baby Names in Cursive – Clarabelle, Jefferson, Mercedes, Rebecca

I wrote a letter to a friend not long ago, and the act of writing something longhand (which I rarely do anymore) made me wonder: which baby names can be written in cursive without lifting the pen from the page?

Turns out that many names can be written this way–so long as they don’t contain letters that need crossing/dotting (t, i, x, j) and don’t start with a tricky capital (such as W, which doesn’t connect to the letters that follow, or H, which itself requires more than one stroke).

Here are some examples of names that can be written in script with one continuous line of ink.

  • 3 letters: Ava, Moe, Ned, Rob, Ula
  • 4 letters: Cleo, Elmo, Jada, Rhys, Zane
  • 5 letters: Carla, Jesse, Nancy, Ryder, Yosef
  • 6 letters: Edward, Jazmyn, Morgan, Nelson, Ursula
  • 7 letters: Charles, Eleanor, Jeffrey, Malcolm, Rebecca
  • 8 letters: Alphonso, Emmanuel, Mercedes, Mohammad, Randolph
  • 9 letters: Cleveland, Esperanza, Jefferson, Magdalena, Rosabelle
  • 10 letters: Alessandra, Alessandro, Clarabella, Clarabelle, Jacquelynn

…For more onomastic trivia, try this list of baby names that can be typed one-handed on a QWERTY keyboard.

Baby & Name Are 4-Letter Words

[Welcome! Looking for 4-letter names? Try Girl Names with 4 Letters and Boy Names with 4 Letters.]

Ok, maybe “baby” and “name” aren’t four-letter words in that sense…but they do literally contain four letters.

In terms of four-letter baby names, what’s on top right now?

For girls, the most popular 4-letter names are Emma and Ella. Another trend I’m seeing is word names like Lily, Jade, Ruby, Iris and Sage. It also seems that trendy names (Jada, Kyra, Kyla, Kira, Maya, Zoey) are starting to trump traditional names like Mary and Sara, but not all traditional names (Anna, Leah, Lucy and Nora are still going strong).

For boys, biblical names are huge–both the classics (John, Adam, Mark and Paul) and the up-and-comers (Abel, Saul, Levi, Noah, Ezra and Jude). Modern monosyllabic names (Gage, Cade, Jace, Zane, Cole) and names with an exotic flair (Ivan, Axel, Gael, Amir, Omar, Liam, Raul) are also making headway.

Finally, for both genders, nickname-names (Kate, Abby, Nina and Tori for girls; Tony, Alex, Jake and Andy for boys) are moderately popular.

Matching Names for Multiples – Good Idea?

Many parents give their twins matching names. In fact, maybe most do: on the 2005 Popular Names for Twins list, the majority of pairings “match” somehow — starting with Jacob and Joshua (pair #1), ending with Tanner and Tyler (#106).

I think matching names can be cute, but I’m not a big fan of names that match very closely. For instance, there’s only a one-letter difference between Taylor and Tyler (#6) and Jayden and Jaylen (#97). Also, sets like Brian and Brianna (#91) and Jada and Jaden (#96) are basically just male and female versions of the same thing.

I personally prefer names that match on a more subtle level. For instance, I think Olivia and Sophia (#45) go well together because they’re distinct, yet still share that “-ia” ending. I also like Nicholas and Zachary (#53) because they’re both dactylic and have that hard “ch” in the same spot.

How about you — how “matchy” would you go if you had twins? (Would the twins’ gender affect your decision?)

UPDATE, 2013: Give Your Twins Unique Names is a more recent post on this topic.