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Popularity of the Baby Name Jadon

Posts that Mention the Name Jadon

NYC Sextuplets – Danelia, Genesis, Jadon, Jezreel, Joel, Justin

Victor and Digna Carpio of Queens welcomed sextuplets–four boys and two girls–back on October 6th.

The babies are New York City’s second-ever set of sextuplets, and possibly the first sextuplets born to a Hispanic couple in the United States. (Victor and Digna are originally from Ecuador.)

The sextuplets were born about 3 months early and identified as A, B, C, D, E and F for several weeks before being named Danelia, Genesis, Jadon, Jezreel, Joel, and Justin.

The babies have one older sibling, a 7-year-old brother named Jhancarlos.

What do you think of all the names?

Source: NY Daily News

Poll Results – Favorite Spellings are Jayden, Jaden, Jadyn

Nearly two-thirds of those who voted in the “Jayden” poll liked either Jayden or Jaden more than other spelling variations of the name:

The percentages add up to 101%, I know. My poll plug-in doesn’t do decimals.

So, while there isn’t exactly a “standard” version of this name, several spellings are definitely preferred — something to keep in mind if you want to use this name, but can’t decide how you want to spell it.

Next, a poll on Hailey. (Or should it be Haleigh? Or Haylee? Hm…)

UPDATE, 11/2013: The first Jayden poll closed a long time ago, but I’ve just opened up a second one in the original post – go vote!

Jadon, Jaeden, Jaidyn, Jaydan… Which Spelling Is Best?

which spelling is best? jayden...

All ten of the names below ranked among the top 1,000 baby boy names of 2007:

Of the ten, which is your favorite spelling? Cast your vote in the sidebar, or leave a comment below with your answer.

P.S. Are there any other spellings (e.g., Jaydn, Jaedin, Jadynn) you like even better?

UPDATE, 11/2013: Here are the original results, but let’s try a brand new poll! Vote below:

Which is your favorite spelling?

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