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Popular Baby Names on Prince Edward Island, 2013

Prince Edward Island’s top baby names of 2013 were announced recently.

According to provisional data from PEI’s vital statistics office, the most popular baby names in the province are Brooklyn and Liam.

Between January 1 and December 6, a total of 1,255 babies were born on the island and 746 different baby names were registered. Here are several hundred of those names, grouped by usage:

Girl Names Boy Names
  • Given to 9 baby girls: Brooklyn (#1)
  • 8: Olivia
  • 7: Ellie, Madison
  • 6: Claire, Ella, Emma, Lydia, Sophia
  • 5: Alexis, Callie, Julia, Lauren, Mackenzie, Sophie
  • 4: Abigail, Amelia, Ava, Charlotte, Layla, Lily, Sadie, Summer, Victoria
  • 3: Alexa, Anna, Annie, Aria, Aubree, Danica, Elizabeth, Felicity, Grace, Hannah, Harper, Jessica, Jordyn, Keira, Kinsley, Lexi, Lucy, Madelyn, Molly, Mya, Paisley, Peyton, Piper, Quinn, Sarah, Scarlett, Stella, Tessa, Violet
  • 2: Aaralyn, Adalyn, Aleah, Alice, Alyson, Amy, Anabelle, Averie, Avery, Ayla, Brooke, Brooklynn, Casey, Charlie, Elle, Elly, Emersyn, Evelyn, Fiona, Georgia, Gracie, Hailey, Isabella, Isla, Izabella, Jaelyn, Kate, Katherine, Kathryn, Kayla, Kyleigh, Leah, Lylah, Macie, Maggie, Marley, Mary, Meredith, Mila, Nevaeh, Paige, Rebekah, Ruby, Ryleigh, Samantha, Savannah, Selena, Serena, Serenity, Taylor, Zoey
  • 1 (a small selection): Adalay, Aislinn, Arista, Avalon, Avurri, Bonnie, Brae-Lynn, Brantley, Breagh, Brenya, Carling, Daelynn, Dawsyn, Ellavine, Elliet, Ellowyn, Erda, Felix, Georgie, Iola, Iona, Ivy, Jayla, Jozee, Keiannah, Khloey, Lewyn, Maeryn, Mataya, Meah, Merleah, Misk, Myrissa, Nahala, Naiomee, Penny, Primrose, Reenie, Rilynn, Ronnie, Rora, Soraya, Theia, Zadie
  • Given to 11 baby boys: Liam (#1)
  • 10: Hunter
  • 9: Connor, Jack
  • 8: Cohen, Jaxon, John
  • 7: Landon, Owen, William
  • 6: Benjamin, Caleb, Henry, Lucas, Mason, Noah
  • 5: Alex, Alexander, Carter, Charlie, David, Jackson, James, Jase, Joseph, Wyatt
  • 4: Austin, Camden, Cameron, Emmett, Griffin, Harrison, Hudson, Jace, Jonah, Kingston, Lincoln, Marcus, Nash, Nathan, Oliver, Parker, Ryan, Ryder, Seth, Xavier
  • 3: Charles, Clark, Cooper, Daniel, Drake, Dylan, Edward, Eli, Elijah, Emerson, Evan, Felix, Gabriel, Gavin, Gus, Isaac, Isaiah, Jacob, Jax, Jonathan, Joshua, Kai, Kaiden, Malcolm, Michael, Nathaniel, Riley, Sawyer, Thomas, Tristan
  • 2: Antonio, Beau, Beckett, Brayden, Caden, Casey, Cash, Clarke, Dawson, Declan, Dominic, Drew, Elliot, Elliott, Ethan, Ezra, Gage, Grayson, Hayden, Jaxson, Jayden, Kole, Levi, Logan, Luke, Matthew, Morgan, Nate, Nicholas, Nolan, Peter, Ryker, Rylan, Sebastian, Simon, Tanner, Taylor, Theo, Turner, Ty, Tye
  • 1 (a small selection): Abel, Aeros, Attwood, Blaiz, Boe, Canaan, Clive, Davud, Draeson, Fynn, Hadwin, Haitao, Jaece, Jedrek, Kessel, Montgomery, Neeko, Odell, Reethym, Rigon, Sudta, Toffer, Tylan, Wesdon, Zyler

I’m not sure when the finalized version of PEI’s 2013 list will be released, but I’ll be on the lookout for it. (Update, 1/8/2015: The 2014 list for PEI just came out, and it included a link to the 2013 data…which is exactly the same as the above. So it looks like PEI doesn’t release finalized lists.)

Sources: Brooklyn, Liam 2013’s most popular baby names in Prince Edward Island, The Most Popular Baby Names in P.E.I. for 2013

Want a Strong Boy Name? Avoid Weak Boy Names

Strong boy names are names used mostly, if not entirely, by baby boys. In a recent post on the strongest boy names in the top 20, for instance, the strongest boy names were the names given to the highest proportion of baby boys relative to overall usage (boys+girls).

I thought I’d look at this issue from a different angle today. Instead of giving you another list of strong boy names, here’s a list of weak boy names. What makes them weak? Again, proportion. Each of these was given to at least 100 baby boys last year, but given to many more baby girls. So if you’re looking for a strongly masculine name, these are some names you’ll want to avoid.

Let’s start with names that were given to boys less than 25% of the time. (Over 75% of the babies who got these names were girls, in other words.)

Name Boys Boys+
Teagan 379 1,566 24%
Skylar 543 2,292 24%
Lyric 236 1,006 23%
Ariel 469 2,017 23%
Emery 288 1,256 23%
Haven 146 678 22%
Shannon 144 680 21%
Payton 956 4,579 21%
Avery 1,614 7,857 21%
Reese 571 2,786 20%

These names were given to boys less than 20% of the time:

Camryn 288 1,622 18%
Amani 112 632 18%
Alexis 2,006 11,845 17%
London 517 3,126 17%
Kamryn 212 1,336 16%
Kendall 426 2,824 15%
Tatum 135 921 15%

These were given to boys less than 15% of the time:

Harper 314 2,199 14%
Eden 228 1,780 13%
Taylor 1,083 8,600 13%
Guadalupe 154 1,258 12%
Presley 159 1,359 12%
Marley 283 2,438 12%
Courtney 137 1,189 12%
Jordyn 330 2,886 11%
Morgan 587 5,157 11%
Kelly 139 1,382 10%
Jaelyn 101 1,034 10%

Finally, the weakest of the weak. These names were given to baby boys less than 10% of the time last year. (To put it another way, over 90% of the babies who got these names were girls.)

Rylee 279 3,079 9%
Reagan 208 2,722 8%
Cadence 104 1,547 7%
Bailey 215 3,829 6%
Kennedy 148 2,978 5%
Aubrey 140 5,509 3%
Addison 240 10,807 2%
Brooklyn 118 5,728 2%

Keep in mind that this analysis is spelling-specific. Other variants of these names tended to be used relatively more often for baby boys. Here are a few examples:

  • Peyton, 34%
  • Tegan, 38%
  • Emory, 40%
  • Riley, 40%
  • Skyler, 64%
  • Reece, 70%
  • Jordan, 80%
  • Cameron, 89%
  • Kameron, 91%
  • Rhys, 95%

Spelling makes a big difference in some cases, doesn’t it?