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Popularity of the Baby Name James

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Popular Baby Names in Ontario, 2017

According to the Government of Ontario, the most popular baby names in the province in 2017 were Olivia and Noah.

Here are Ontario’s top 10 girl names and top 10 boy names of 2017:

Girl Names
1. Olivia
2. Emma
3. Charlotte
4. Ava
5. Amelia
6. Sophia
7. Evelyn
8. Abigail & Chloe (tie)
9. Ella
10. Emily

Boy Names
1. Noah
2. Liam
3. Benjamin
4. William
5. Logan
6. Lucas
7. Jacob
8. Ethan
9. Oliver
10. James

In the girls’ top 10, Evelyn, Chloe and Ella replace Mia and Isabella (which are now tied for 11th).

The boys’ list includes the same 10 names, though Noah replaces Benjamin as the new #1 name, and Logan has jumped from 10th to 5th.

Here are the 2016 rankings, if you’d like to compare.

Source: Ontario Celebrates a Century of Baby Names

Popular Baby Names in British Columbia, 2017

According to British Columbia’s Vital Statistics Agency, the most popular baby names in the province in 2017 were Olivia and Benjamin.

Here are British Columbia’s top 10 girl names and top 10 boy names of 2017:

Girl Names
1. Olivia, 260 baby girls
2. Emma, 231
3. Sophia, 183
4. Ava, 178 (tie)
5. Charlotte, 178 (tie)
6. Emily, 170
7. Chloe, 160
8. Hannah, 155
9. Amelia, 152
10. Abigail, 129

Boy Names
1. Benjamin, 221 baby boys
2. Liam, 220
3. Logan, 210
4. Lucas, 209
5. Ethan, 197 (tie)
6. James, 197 (tie)
7. Oliver, 186
8. Noah, 177
9. William, 176
10. Owen, 170

In the girls’ top 10, Hannah replaces Evelyn.

In the boys’ top 10, Logan replaces Jacob.

Names at the other end of the spectrum — used just five times each in 2017 — include…

  • Girl names: Ann, Beatrix, Cedar, Della, Elowen, Greta, Harlyn, Inaaya, Jenny, Karla, Leen, Marwa, Nicola, Ocean, Paris, Reyna, Sakura, Tina, Zaynab
  • Boy names: Ayan, Bishop, Clay, Darian, Emery, Flynn, Gurtaj, Houston, Ivar, Jerry, Kendrick, Loki, Mack, Niall, Princeton, Rayyan, Stellan, Tai, Zavier

The top names in 2016 were Olivia and Lucas.

Source: Baby’s Most Chosen Names in British Columbia, 2017

Dinty Moore: Man or Meal?


Plus: two fictional characters, and lots of restaurants.

Originally, though, Dinty Moore was a character. He was created for the comic strip Bringing Up Father, which was popular back in the 1920s and ’30s. The main characters were Jiggs and Maggie; Dinty Moore was the keeper of the tavern where Jiggs met up with his friends.

dinty moore, lumberjackNYC restaurateur James Moore, a friend of the strip’s creator, believed he was the inspiration behind the character. So, to capitalize on the popularity of the strip, he changed his restaurant’s name to Dinty Moore’s.

Others followed suit, and soon “Dinty’s Moore’s” restaurants could be found in various parts of the country.

In 1935, Hormel began using the name for a canned beef-and-gravy product that cost 15 cents a can. (And, in the ’60s and ’70s, commercials for Hormel’s Dinty Moore beef stew introduced the second Dinty Moore character: an animated lumberjack.)

While all this was going on, several dozen baby boys with the surname Moore were given the first name Dinty.

One example is Dinty G. Moore (1927-2013) of Ohio.

Another example is American essayist Dinty Moore, who was born in Pennsylvania in 1955. “Why my mother thought naming me after a comic strip was a good idea is a secret she took to the grave,” he said. But he also insisted that he doesn’t mind having the name:

“The name is more of a gift than a burden, or at least that’s the way I’ve decided to approach it. People are amused, and when they are amused they smile, and smiling makes them think they like me, so I am more popular than I deserve to be.”


Popular Baby Names in Alaska, 2017

According to Alaska’s Department of Health and Social Services, the most popular baby names in the state in 2017 were Emma and James.

Here are Alaska’s top 10 girl names and top 10 boy names of 2017:

Girl Names
1. Emma
2. Olivia
3. Aurora
4. Isabella
5. Evelyn and Sophia (tied)

Boy Names
1. James
2. Liam
3. William and Wyatt (tied)
4. Noah and Oliver (tied)
5. Logan

In the girls’ top 5, Isabella and Evelyn replace Amelia, Charlotte, and Abigail.

In the boys’ top 5, Wyatt and Noah replace Joseph.

Alaska is the only state in which fast-rising Aurora is a top-5 baby name. (Aurora is also popular in Italy.)

Source: Alaska Vital Statistics – 2017 Annual Report

Popular Baby Names in Oregon, 2017

According to the Oregon Health Authority, the most popular baby names in the state in 2017 were Emma and Oliver.

Here are Oregon’s top 10 girl names and top 10 boy names of 2017:

Girl Names
1. Emma, 211 baby girls
2. Olivia, 209
3. Sophia, 159
4. Charlotte, 153
5. Evelyn, 147
6. Amelia, 145
7. Harper, 128
8. Ava, 120
9. Mia, 118
10. Abigail, 116

Boy Names
1. Oliver, 233 baby boys
2. Liam, 220
3. Benjamin, 193 (tie)
3. Henry, 193 (tie)
5. William, 181
6. Noah, 166
7. Logan, 165
8. James, 160
9. Wyatt, 159
10. Samuel, 150

In the girls’ top 10, Mia replaces Isabella.

In the boys’ top 10, Logan, James, and Samuel replace Owen, Mason, and Elijah.

In 2016, the top names were Olivia and Oliver.

The SSA’s 2017 rankings for Oregon show the same top 10 names for both genders, though the boy names are in a slightly different order.

Source: Oregon Health Authority – Annual Report Volume 1, 2017