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Which Triplet Names Do You Like Best?

According to Guinness, the heaviest triplets (at birth) were the Sullivan triplets of North Carolina. Kate, Ethan and Owen Sullivan (one girl and two boys) were born on October 13, 2011. They had a combined weight of over 18 pounds.

A few weeks ago, an even heavier set of triplets was born in California. Sidney, Elliott and Jenson Deen (three boys) arrived on November 8, 2012. They had a combined weight of over 20 pounds.

Which set of names do you prefer?

Which triplet names do you like best?

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Babies Named for F1 Driver Jenson Button

According to the newest baby name rankings for England and Wales, the name Jenson shot up from 143rd in 2009 to 96th in 2010.

Jenson’s jump immediately reminded me of an article I read about a baby named Jenson Lewis. He was born in late 2009 to Trevor and Mandy Sutton of Coventry, England, and named after British Formula One drivers Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton.

Looks as though Jenson Button inspired many other expectant parents in the UK to opt for Jenson as well.

What do you think of the name?

EDIT, 8/1 – Just found another Jenson Button baby. This Jenson was born January 1, 2011, and is the son of Gemma Roberts and Michael Iles of Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England.

Oliver, Olivia – Top Names in England, 2010

Oliver and Olivia still reign supreme in England and Wales. Here are the most popular baby names of 2010:

Boy Names Girl Names
1. Oliver
2. Jack
3. Harry
4. Alfie
5. Charlie
6. Thomas
7. William
8. Joshua
9. George
10. James
1. Olivia
2. Sophie
3. Emily
4. Lily
5. Amelia
6. Jessica
7. Ruby
8. Chloe
9. Grace
10. Evie

George is new to the boys’ top 10. The drop-out was Daniel.

No newbies on the girls’ side.

Ollie, Bobby, Caleb, Jenson, Dexter and Kayden replaced Ellis, Joe, Christopher, Ewan, Morgan and Austin in the boys’ top 100.

Annabelle, Eliza, Laila, Aisha, Maryam and Maisy replaced Lydia, Eve, Alisha, Francesca, Sara and Mya in the girls’ top 100.

To do more comparing of this year’s rankings with last year’s rankings, check out the baby name comparison tool, brought to you by the UK’s Office for National Statistics.

Source: Oliver and Olivia most popular baby names in 2010

Will These Names Become Trendy in the UK?

Luke recently let me know that he has compiled lists of the most searched-for girl names and boy names at Baby Names UK for the first half of 2010. These were the top five names for each gender:

  • Girls: Florence, Lucie, Lacey, Esme, Elena
  • Boys: Ollie, Jenson, Eli, Jesse, Cole

Here’s some of Luke’s analysis (plus a few Wikipedia links, just for context):

Some of these fast risers definitely correspond with pop trends – Florence must be inspired by Florence and the Machine, right? Also, Ollie and Jenson will have been boosted by X Factor and Formula 1 respectively.

Some names popped up on both lists, which was very interesting. Darcy was on the boys’ list, Darcie and Darcey were on the girls’ list. (Mr. Darcy influence, perhaps?) Frankie ranked for girls, and both Frank and Frances ranked for boys.

Hop on over and check out the lists (and Luke’s other posts). Which of the names do you like best?