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How Do You Feel About Your Name, Jesemy?

“I love my name and I would never change it,” says Jesemy, a 30-year-old from Ohio.

How did Jesemy get her name?

My mother named me Jesemy by changing my older brother’s “R” to an “S” in his name Jeremy. I was born in December so if I was a boy she said I would have been Noel. I’m glad I wasn’t a boy.

What does she like about her name?

It is unique. Nobody else has it. There probably are a few Jesemy’s out there but I’ve NEVER met them and I think that’s really cool.

What does she not like about her name?

I can’t get anything personalized unless I special order it. People mis-pronounce it a lot. It’s pronounced (Jes-a-me). But I just correct them. Or I get mail that says Jeremy on it. I’ll fill things out a certain way and when it’s entered into a computer they automatically put Jeremy. So I have to call and have things corrected. When I was in school the teachers would always say Jeremy.

As a child it was a little hard having my name because of the mispronunciations and some kids teasing a little because it was so different, but looking back I don’t remember the teasing being so bad. A gym teacher I had used to say, “Is it just-a-you or jest-a-me” for Jesemy. It was actually kinda funny.

What advice would Jesemy offer to parents considering an unusual baby name?

I would go with your gut as a parent and choose a name YOU can live with and that YOU feel comfortable with. Don’t let other people dictate that for you. Don’t make it so weird that your child hates it, but you can be original and different and still give your child a very nice name.

Thank you, Jesemy!