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New Jersey Family with 12 Children, All Girls

In 1957, Mrs. William Beston of Morristown, New Jersey, had gave birth to her twelfth daughter.

What are the odds of having 12 daughters and no sons? If the probability of having a girl is 1/2, then the probably of having a dozen girls in a row is 1/4096, or about .0244% — less than three-hundredths of a percent. Pretty slim, in other words.

What were the names of the Beston girls?

  1. (died in infancy)
  2. Patricia, 12
  3. Eileen, 11
  4. Regina, 9
  5. Carol, 8
  6. Joann, 7
  7. Gertrude, 6
  8. Delores, 5
  9. Betty Lou, 4
  10. Catherine, 3
  11. Levinia, 13 months
  12. Madonna Grace, newborn

Of the 11 names above, which is your favorite?

If you had a dozen daughters, what would their names be?


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