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How popular is the baby name Jonas? What is the meaning of Jonas? What baby names are similar to Jonas? Popularity, definition, and origin of Jonas.

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Popularity of the Baby Name Jonas

Number of Babies Named Jonas

Born in the U.S. Since 1880

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Popular Baby Names in Germany, 2014

Hanna/Hannah and Luis/Louis were the most popular baby names in Germany in 2014. more

Popular Baby Names in Switzerland, 2013

Emma and Gabriel (for French-speakers), Mia and Noah (for German-speakers), Sofia and Gabriel (for Italian-speakers), and Jonas and Chiara (for Romansh-speakers) were the most popular baby names in Switzerland in 2013. more

Popular Baby Names in Germany, 2013

Sophie, Mia, Maximilian and Ben were some of the most popular baby names in Germany in 2013. more

Most Popular Baby Names in Germany, 2012

The most popular baby names in Germany in 2012 were Luca/Luka and Sophie/Sofie. more

The Biggest Loser Baby Names

I’m seeing a lot of discussion today about the fastest-rising baby names of 2010. There’s Maci and Bentley (thanks to a reality TV show about pregnant teens), Tiana (thanks to Disney), Kellan (thanks to Twilight), Knox (thanks to Brangelina), and more. But let’s look at the flip side. Which names […] more

Top Baby Names in Germany, 2010

According to the Association for German Language (GfdS), the most popular baby names in Germany in 2010 were Maximilian and Sophie/Sofie: Boy Names Girl Names Maximilian Alexander Paul Leon Lukas/Lucas Luca/Luka Elias Louis/Luis Jonas Felix Sophie/Sofie Marie Maria Sophia/Sofia Mia Anna Lena Emma Hannah/Hanna Johanna (These rankings don’t account for […] more

Most Popular Baby Names in Norway, 2010

The top baby girl and baby boy names in Norway last year were Emma and Lukas–the same as in 2009. Here are the top ten boy names: Lukas/Lucas (552 baby boys) Emil (492) Mathias/Matias (491) William (443) Magnus (435) Markus/Marcus (428) Jonas (423) Kristian/Christian (400) Oliver (384) Alexander/Aleksander (380) Here […] more

Baby Name Needed for the Sibling of Liam Isaac

A reader named Marg is expecting her second child (gender unknown) and would like some name suggestions. Her first is a boy named Liam Isaac. She says: For a girls name I am really loving the name Eden, but don’t have a middle name for it yet? But its really […] more

Changes in Baby Name Popularity from 2008 to 2009

Just like there were some ups and downs in the stock market yesterday, there were some ups and downs in baby name popularity between 2008 and 2009. The SSA has published a handy pair of tables showing changes in baby name popularity. Only names that cracked the top 500 during […] more

Once You Go Unique, Is There No Going Back?

Echo has four siblings: Clint (for Clint Eastwood), Milo, Disney (in tribute to Disney films) and Dali (after Salvador Dalí). She’s also a mom. Her two children are Pharrell and Lovella. She says, “I had to carry on the tradition of unusual names–and I’m sure the rest of my family […] more

Baby Name Needed – Name that Fits with Paulina

A reader named Kathleen writes: What are some baby names that are rather uncommon, but easy to pronounce/spell that would fit with my first daughter’s name, Paulina Sophie? I work in a school so I have too many name associations to think straight! Thanks. (I am of Irish/French descent.) My […] more

Could Baby Names Help Battle Climate Change?

Are there baby names out there that might actually make a difference as far as climate change is concerned? more

Baby Name Needed – Name for Evan’s Little Brother

A reader named Kim is expecting her second son and would like help coming up with a name. Her first son is named Evan Isaac. So far, she and her husband like the names Jonah, Jonas and Miles. My husband likes Jacob however as it’s been a number one name […] more

Baby Name Needed – 5-Letter Boy Name for Baby #3

Ok, I’m going to do my best to answer a bunch of reader e-mail today. I am woefully late on most of these — I’m sorry. Better late than never. First up is Kelly, who wrote (way back in March) that she’d like a name for baby #3, which will […] more

Baby Name Needed – Name for Baby #3

A reader named Molly recently asked me for a few name suggestions: I have identical twin girls named Charlotte Maiden and Dylan Rose. I am expecting another. I need a boy or a girl name that fits with these names but isn’t too much like them (ie. I don’t want […] more

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