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Popularity of the Baby Name Kasey

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Trendy Girl Names (Game)

A few weeks ago, Deadspin posted a list of trendy girl names.

The reader who contributed the list said they were the names of girls participating in a “tumble and cheer” event. He didn’t mention their ages.

Here’s the list:

Khloe (2)

Deadspin editor Drew Magary wrote up a funny response. I won’t quote the whole thing, but here are a few lines. (I quoted more of it in Name Quotes for the Weekend #8.)

  • “Well, this email has to be from Utah.”
  • “Maccie! I hope she has a sister named Jayceepynny.”
  • “I’d also like to single out Kyler for supreme awfulness.”

So let’s play a game with these names.

Pretend that one of your friends is expecting a baby girl. He/she shows you this list of trendy girl names and says, “We love all of these names! We can’t decide! Will you help us narrow it down to three?”

My three would have to be Addison, Kasey and Brooklyn. These just seem the least misspelled and/or ridiculous to me.

Which three names do you suggest to this friend, and why?

Source: Kyler, Kolie, And Maccie: More From The World Of Terrible Baby Names

Baby Name Needed – Girl Names Spelled with the Names of Letters

A reader named Becky recently emailed me with a rather cool request:

We’re looking for a girl name that has an actual spelling and letter combinations to represent the word. For example Evie (EV) and Katie (KT). Any suggestions would be great!

Here are the names came I up with. (Some of the letter-pronunciations aren’t exact, but they’re close.)

B Bea
K Kay
L Elle
CL Ciel
ED Edie
KC Casey, Kasey
KD Katie, Katy
LC Elsie
LE Ellie
LN Ellen
LS Ellis
ME Emmie
LRE Ellery
MLE Emily
MLN Emilyn
MRE Emery
RLE Areli
REL Arielle

I slipped a couple of traditionally male names in there as well…you never know what could spark an idea.

Can you think of any others?

Unisex Names of 2007 – Peyton, Finley, Dominique, Dakota

Last year, over 60 baby names ranked in the top 1,000 for both boys and girls.

Most of these names were much more popular for one gender than for the other. London, Morgan, Jamie and Harper were clear winners for the girls, for instance, and Logan, Micah, Charlie and Parker were used far more often for boys.

But some of the names were used about equally for both genders. These “most” unisex names (for lack of a better way to describe them) were:

Name Rank (m/f) Difference
Peyton 125/121 4
Finley 794/816 22
Dominique 783/752 31
Dakota 203/239 36
Jordan 45/100 55
Riley 109/52 57
Rowan 366/450 84

Names that came close to making the list were Kasey, Skyler, Jaylin and Devyn. (My cut-off was a difference of 100, and these four names were just over that limit.)

Also, keep in mind that this list doesn’t account for overall popularity. Dominique and Dakota are side-by-side above, but the name Dakota was given to 3,381 children last year, whereas only 653 were named Dominique.