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Israeli Rabbis’ Forbidden Baby Names – Ariel, Katif, Omri

A group of Israeli rabbis have created a list of names they said should be off-limits to Jewish children. Some of the no-no names are Ariel, Omri, and Katif:

Uttering the name Ariel is problematic because it could beckon an angel namesake instead, drawing down his wrath, they caution.

Omri–the name of an evil biblical king–should be taboo because of the highly negative connotation.

And naming children after dismantled Gaza settlements, like Katif, is another bad idea, they say, because of the controversy involved, they say. Jewish settlers, who are predominantly religious, unsuccessfully opposed the withdrawal.

The rabbis also warn against names with the prefix or suffix “el” and names that sound non-Jewish.

Of course, their warnings are merely suggestions.

Are there any baby names that are truly off-limits in Israel?


Israel’s Interior Ministry has barred the names God, Hitler and Bin Laden from being registered in its population files, said Sabine Haddad, a spokeswoman for the Census Bureau.

Source: Israeli rabbis release forbidden-name list