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Pop Culture Baby Name Game #1 Results

In Pop Culture Baby Name Game #1, the aim was to predict which pop culture-inspired names would debut on the SSA’s 2011 “long list.”

We got a handful right:

  • Bieber – nope
  • Cersei – nope
  • Daenerys – nope
  • Eames – yes, 5 baby boys. (Thanks, Julie!)
  • Lannister – nope
  • Gaga – nope
  • Jimmer – yes, 9 baby boys. (Thanks, Grace!)
  • Katniss – nope (Surprisingly! Just wait for 2012…)
  • Kreayshawn – nope
  • Lohan – nope
  • Occupy – nope
  • Potter – nope
  • Skrillex – nope
  • Taio – yes, 8 baby boys.
  • Tebow – nope (Also surprised about this one.)

I had to bump many of the suggestions over to Pop Culture Baby Name Game #2, as they didn’t qualify for this game (i.e. they had debuted on the list pre-2011).