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Popularity of the Baby Name Katy

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Interesting Baby Name Analysis

I only recently noticed that Behind the Name, one of my favorite websites for baby name definitions, has a page called United States Popularity Analysis — a “computer-created analysis of the United States top 1000 names for the period 1880 to 2012.”

The page has some interesting top ten lists. Here are three of them:

Most Volatile

Boy Names Girl Names
1. Elvis
2. Brooks
3. Santiago
4. Lincoln
5. Ernie
6. Wyatt
7. Quincy
8. Rogers
9. Alec
10. Dexter
1. Juliet
2. Lea
3. Justine
4. Martina
5. Felicia
6. Delilah
7. Selina
8. Lonnie
9. Magdalena
10. Katy

Biggest Recoveries

Boy Names Girl Names
1. Silas
2. Isaiah
3. Caleb
4. Emmett
5. Jordan
6. Josiah
7. Harrison
8. Ezra
9. Jason
10. Jesus
1. Ella
2. Stella
3. Sadie
4. Sophie
5. Isabella
6. Lily
7. Hannah
8. Isabelle
9. Sophia
10. Lilly

Biggest Flash-in-the-Pans

Boy Names Girl Names
1. Dewey
2. Woodrow
3. Dale
4. Barry
5. Rick
6. Greg
7. Roosevelt
8. Shannon
9. Kim
10. Darrin
1. Debra
2. Lori
3. Tammy
4. Pamela
5. Tracy
6. Cheryl
7. Beverly
8. Dawn
9. Diane
10. Kathy

I wonder what the formulas were. I’d love to try the same analysis on the SSA’s full list, using raw numbers instead of rankings. Wonder how much overlap there’d be…

Baby Name Needed – Girl Names Spelled with the Names of Letters

A reader named Becky recently emailed me with a rather cool request:

We’re looking for a girl name that has an actual spelling and letter combinations to represent the word. For example Evie (EV) and Katie (KT). Any suggestions would be great!

Here are the names came I up with. (Some of the letter-pronunciations aren’t exact, but they’re close.)

B Bea
K Kay
L Elle
CL Ciel
ED Edie
KC Casey, Kasey
KD Katie, Katy
LC Elsie
LE Ellie
LN Ellen
LS Ellis
ME Emmie
LRE Ellery
MLE Emily
MLN Emilyn
MRE Emery
RLE Areli
REL Arielle

I slipped a couple of traditionally male names in there as well…you never know what could spark an idea.

Can you think of any others?

Names in Song Titles – Coby, Katy, Lazarus, Martha

Here are some songs I’ve discovered recently (thanks, Pandora!) that feature given names in their titles:

  • “Alice Said” by Screaming Trees
  • “Coby” by The Lilys
  • “Eileen” by Keith Richards*
  • “Emilio” by SparkleJet
  • “Hanging On To Jane” by Samantha 7**
  • “Mountain Jim” by Clouds
  • “Slow Down Joe” by Karl Blau
  • “I Am John’s Brain” by Compulsion
  • “Kate” by Sambassadeur
  • “What Katy Did Next” by Babyshambles
  • “Hey Latasha” by Seam
  • Pictures of Lily” by The Who
  • “Lazarus” by The Devlins
  • “Maggie” by Cracker
  • “To My Beloved Martha” by Tobin Sprout
  • “Show Me Mary” by Catherine Wheel
  • “Mary Jane” by The Click Five
  • “Ophelia” by Moist
  • “Pollyanna” by Northstar
  • “Sadie” by Alkaline Trio

*Yup, solo stuff from the Rolling Stones guitarist.
**Their vocalist is C.C. Deville, interestingly enough.

…And here’s a similar post I wrote almost a year ago.