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Popularity of the Baby Name Keane

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Posts that Mention the Name Keane

Baby Named After Spokane Intersection

In mid-1986, Karen Butler of Spokane, Washington, gave birth to a baby boy while her husband Vince was driving her to the hospital.

The baby boy arrived just as their Volkswagen “rounded the corner from Hamilton onto Trent,” just minutes away from Sacred Heart Medical Center.

What was he named? Daniel Trent Butler — middle name for East Trent Avenue.

Source: Godes, Kerry. “Early Baby’s Namesake Is a Busy Intersection.” Spokane Chronicle 25 Sep. 1986: A3.

[Babies with similar name stories: Keane, Asher Behrend.]

Baby Named After Highway Exit in Pennsylvania

I know of dozens of babies that were named after cars. (And jeeps!) But this is the only one I know of that was named for a highway exit:

Susie and Dan McLaughlin of Meadville, Pennsylvania, were expecting a baby boy in the summer of 1998. When Susie went into labor, they got into Susie’s sister’s car and began heading toward the hospital via I-79. The baby wasn’t willing to wait that long, though, so they pulled over next to Erie County’s McKean exit and Susie gave birth in the back seat. The baby was named Keane after the exit.

Source: “Baby Named After Highway Exit.” Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 17 July 1998: B-4.