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Names Collected While Watching PBS Kids Sprout

A few months ago, blogging dad “Jef With One F” wrote a funny post called The Parade of Bad, Bad Baby Names on Mother’s Day from PBS Sprout over at

Here’s an excerpt:

In order to help fully re-create the experience, I decided to give you a minute-by-minute breakdown of what I went through on Mother’s Day as my wife soaked in a Lush bath and I allowed TV to rear my offspring.

12:15: This was the name that started out the slow descent of my madness…Wynter Eve. I don’t know exactly what chemical is in the water that makes all the world Welsh post-natal, but I would really appreciate the government looking into it. Nah, they’re probably in the pocket of the powerful Y lobby anyways.

12:17: You know, Sesame Street is still a really terrific show. They have bales of hay playing punk music and Elmo remains adorable. I hope Super Grover flies into a wood chipper, though.

12:24: I’m on my fourth Hunter by this point. That’s a perfectly acceptable boy’s name, true, but it makes me wonder why no one follows it up with Gatherer. You could spell it Gathyrer!

Jef goes on to say that Xavieon “sounds like a lightbulb made of spring water,” and that he guesses Kelan might be “a deity in charge of some sort of organic vegetable.”

Have you heard any strange/unusual names while watching children’s TV?