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Popularity of the Baby Name Kimberley

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Born in the U.S. Since 1880

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Persuading Paul McCartney with a Baby Name

A couple of years ago, English actor James Corden persuaded former Beatle Paul McCartney to be in a TV sketch. How? Baby name.

Both men were on the The Graham Norton Show recently, and this is how Corden told the tale:

I laid it on very thick, telling him, “people won’t die if you do our sketch.” It makes it very difficult for people to say no. He said, “bloody hell, James, I’ve heard some groveling in my time.” I then said, “that’s nothing — if you’d said no, I was going to say I would name my unborn child after you.” To which he said, “if you promise to do that, I’ll do the sketch.” And that’s why my son is called Max McCartney Kimberley Corden.

Max was born in March of 2011, right around the time the sketch aired. (It was part of Red Nose Day 2011, a telethon organised by Comic Relief.)

Source: Corden and Macca in baby name deal reveal

London Babies Named for Boer War

In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the two wars were fought in South Africa between the British and the Boers. During the Second Boer War (1899–1902), certain patriotic London parents gave their children names “commemorative of our great generals and victories in South Africa.” Here are some examples:

Name Inspiration
James Albert Redvers Kirby
Audrey Buller Lily Wallace
Gen. Redvers Henry Buller
Hector Macdonald Matthew Major-Gen. Hector MacDonald
Frank Kimberley Stuckey Siege of Kimberley
Thomas Elands Laagte Wilks Battle of Elandslaagte
Margaret Ellen Ladysmith Angram Relief of Ladysmith
Colenso Stuart Dudley Middleton Battle of Colenso
James Spion Kop Skinner Battle of Spion Kop

Babies were also named Frere (for Bartle Frere), Glencoe (for the Battle of Glencoe), Kitchener (for Field Marshal Herbert Kitchener), Mafeking (for the Siege of Mafeking), Pretoria, and Tugela (for the Battle of the Tugela Heights).

And, oddly enough, a few London babies were named Kruger for Paul Kruger, President of the South African Republic.

Source: “Boer War Babies.” Leader [Regina, Canada] 31 May 1900: 2.

8-Letter Baby Names – Most Popular of 2010

These were the most popular 8-letter baby names last year:

Top 8-Letter Boy Names Top 8-Letter Girl Names
1. Benjamin (ranked 22nd overall)
2. Jonathan (28th)
3. Nicholas (38th)
4. Jeremiah (52nd)
5. Giovanni (114th)
6. Santiago (133rd)
7. Leonardo (150th)
8. Emmanuel (154th)
9. Cristian (182nd)
10. Fernando (188th)
1. Isabella (ranked 1st overall)
2. Samantha (15th)
3. Victoria (32nd)
4. Brooklyn (34th)
5. Savannah (46th)
6. Kimberly (68th)
7. Madeline (77th)
8. Serenity (84th)
9. Caroline (88th)
10. Angelina (93rd)

Of the 14,140 boy names given to 5+ baby boys in 2010, a total of 1,145 were 8-letter names. Of the 19,698 girl names, 2,449 had 8 letters.

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