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Unusual Real Names – Feramorz, Goyn, Trevanion, Whitehead

Here’s another batch of uncommon names. All of the men below have been mayors of U.S. cities.

  • Abdiel Daily Crossman (1804-1859) – mayor of New Orleans, Louisiana from 1846 to 1854.
  • Alcaeus Hooper (1859-1938) – mayor of Baltimore, Maryland from 1895 to 1897.
  • deLesseps Story Morrison (1912-1964) – mayor of New Orleans, Louisiana from 1946 to 1961.
  • Feramorz Little (1820-1887) – mayor of Salt Lake City, Utah from 1876 to 1882. Seems to have been named for a Kashmirian poet.
  • Friend Humphrey (1787-1854) – mayor of Albany, New York from 1843 to 1845 and from 1849 to 1850.
  • Glendy Burke – mayor of New Orleans, Louisiana in 1865. The Stephen Foster song Glendy Burke is about a steamboat that was probably named for the mayor.
  • Goyn A. Sutton (1816-1886) – mayor of Springfield, Illinois from 1860 to 1864.
  • Hempstead Washburne (1852-1919) – mayor of Chicago, Illinois from 1891 to 1893.
  • Kindred Jenkins Morris (1819-1884) – mayor of Nashville, Tennessee from 1869 to 1871.
  • LeBreton Dorgenois – mayor of New Orleans, Louisiana in 1812.
  • Powhaten Woolridge Maxey (1810-1876) – mayor of Nashville, Tennessee from 1843 to 1844.
  • Thorowgood Smith (1744-1810) – mayor of Baltimore, Maryland from 1804 to 1808.
  • Trevanion W. Hugo (1849-1923) – mayor of Duluth, Minnesota from 1900 to 1903.
  • Volckert Petrus Douw (1720-1801) – mayor of Albany, New York from 1761 to 1770.
  • Wellington Webb (born in 1941) – mayor of Denver, Colorado from 1991 to 2003.
  • Whitehead Hicks (1728-1780) – mayor of New York City, New York from 1766 to 1776.

Former Denver mayor Quigg Newton almost made the list, but his first name was actually James.

Did I miss any other unusual mayoral monikers?

Popular and Unique Names in Alberta, Canada in 2006

These will likely be updated soon, so I wanted to post about them before they became old news…

These were Alberta‘s top baby names in 2006:

For Girls For Boys
1. Ava
2. Emma
3. Emily
4. Hannah
5. Madison
6. Sarah
7. Abigail
8. Olivia
9. Grace
10. Ella
1. Ethan
2. Joshua
3. Jacob
4. Logan
5. Matthew
6. Noah
7. Nathan
8. Liam
9. Carter
10. William

And these were some of the unusual names bestowed in Alberta that same year:

Girl Names Boy Names
Appeline, Aristotle, Autumn-Jewels, Ayodele, Ayverée, Beimnet, Bhoomi, Callahan, Charlatan, Chyme, Corinthian, Czarina, Dhiksha, Drishti, Dusty-Storm, Eleftheria, Elgin, Eshroop, Feyisope, FleurdeMay, Freshelle, Ginaovaline, Gjoa, Gladness, Hiwot, Huntter, Imonitie, Iqraa, Irish, Ishnoort, Jazznoor, Jeytsun, Kashf, Kimjot, Kindred, Kohl, KoJo, Krymson, Lana-Salam-Amil, Lexington, Loveday, Mephew, Mirical, Misty-Jade, Moeaqic, Morningstar, Muzn, Myatta, Nghi, NuEmi, Ocean-Joy, Phancie, Phull, Pneet, Pope, Prissy, Qalkidan, Raya-Sun, Rehap-Allislame, Riverine, Rooaa, Salestial, Sheridtton, Sneha, Spirt, Starlight, Sumr, SunShine, Taylor-Judith-Lynn, Tequila, Trail-Dancer, Trillion, Tymber, Uririnoghene, Vritika, Wichan, Yram, Zailey, Zealand, Zyryll A.K.I.L., Ainnelhyethum, Atreyu, Banderas, Brigz, Catcher, Chancellor, Cimmaron, Cobain, Coo-nah, Corny, Creedence, Detroit, Dezzmen, Diezel-Blaze, DoTayne-Tebekew-Belachew, Drizz, Dutch, Elolo, Erilinyth, Eryx, Essay, Excell, Ferozudin, Fopefoluwa, Frost, Gleb, Guardian, Gurmoney, Harrattanbir, Isaiah-Mikael-Tafari, Jacob-Danny-Micheal, Jihad, Jupinder, J’zyn, Kalixto, Keltic, Krrish, Kuothnyuer, Kwynton, Lavindu, Leviathan, Lovedeep, Lyth, Mavricky, Morningsky, Morphious, Naufil, Nozzey, Nvuselelo, Okello, Olt, Pipehgwance, Princeraj, Promesse, Qazi, Raddix, Ryic, Rylee-Kris, Sachalsultan, Sawyrr, Shashwat, Shlok, Siwoo, Shooter, Skipper, Sweetgrassman, Tgn, Trennis, Truth, Vraj, WhiteElk, Willex, Winandus, Wol, Xzyler, Yug, Zarry, Zhakirullah, Zinedine

Source: Service Alberta