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40 Pairs of Baby Names for Girl-Boy Twins

girl-boy twins

A few weeks ago, The Stir posted a list of 20 pairs of baby names for girl-boy twins.

The problem with their list? Each matchy-matchy name-pair started with the same first letter.

Yes, most parents gravitate toward patterns when it comes to naming twins. This has been confirmed by at least one study and is easy to see when you peruse the (now discontinued) lists of popular twin names.

But should they?

No. Child development experts say twins should have dissimilar first names.

So I thought I’d improve upon their list by separating the pairings and giving each of the 40 names a new, non-matchy partner — different first letter, different ending, different number of syllables.

Too Matchy? Much Better!
Hazel & Hugo
Emma & Evan
Madison & Mason
Taylor & Tyler
Vivienne & Val
Ava & Alexander
Chloe & Caleb
Sophia & Samuel
Eva & Ethan
Penelope & Pax
Savannah & Sebastian
Lily & Luke
Dylan & Dean
Naomi & Noah
Imogen & Isaac
Juliette & James
Christina & Christian
Grace & Gavin
Avery & Aiden
Claire & Clive
Hazel & Benjamin
Emma & Charles
Madison & Liam
Taylor & Grant
Vivienne & Phillip
Ava & Carl
Chloe & Gabriel
Sophia & Owen
Eva & Jack
Penelope & Duncan
Savannah & Zane
Lily & Cash
Dylan & Matthias
Naomi & Joseph
Imogen & Grey
Juliette & Simon
Christina & Thomas
Grace & Dominic
Avery & Beau
Claire & Julian
Hugo & Adelaide
Evan & Sabrina
Mason & Aria
Tyler & Addison
Val & Edie
Alexander & Daphne
Caleb & Lydia
Samuel & Hannah
Ethan & Amelia
Pax & Kira
Sebastian & Gemma
Luke & Maya
Dean & Harper
Noah & Abigail
Isaac & Johanna
James & Tabitha
Christian & Veronica
Gavin & Bree
Aiden & Katrina
Clive & Odette

Not only are the pairs in the middle and on the right smarter choices in terms of child development, but they’re also less likely to cause embarrassment and/or confusion. Unlike, say, Christina and Christian.

What are your favorite non-matchy baby names for girl-boy twins?

P.S. Hate to nit-pick, but…the Stir post also included several bogus definitions. Caleb means “devotion to God”? Nope, Caleb means dog.

Source: 20 Pairs of Baby Names for Twins of the Opposite Sex
Image: Adapted from Kinley and Liam Photos (18) by love_K_photo under CC BY 2.0.

Baby Names Needed – Sci-Fi Names for Boy/Girl Twins

A reader named Sam is having twins (a boy and a girl) in several weeks, but hasn’t yet found names for them. Sam writes:

My partner and I already have a 3 year old boy called Ryker after Will Riker on Star Trek Next Generation, as we both like Sci Fi.

The first thing that popped into my head is Robert Schnakenberg’s book Sci-Fi Baby Names. Google Books offers a nice preview.

The book seems to focus on names from TV and movies, so let’s balance that out with some ideas from literature:

  • Arthur, for Arthur C. Clarke, who wrote 2001: A Space Odyssey.
  • Douglas, for Douglas Adams, who wrote The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.
  • Isaac, for Isaac Asimov.
  • Julia or Julian, for Jules Verne.
  • Philip or Philippa, for Philip K. Dick.
  • Richard, for Richard Matheson, who wrote I Am Legend.
  • Ursula, for Ursula Le Guin.

Names that are more like Ryker in terms of style include:

Boys Girls

What other sci-fi names can you come up with for Sam’s twins? And what other names do you think sound good with Ryker?

Baby Name Needed – Name for Madeleine’s Little Sister

Erin and her husband have a daughter named Madeleine Josephine, and they’re expecting their second baby girl in a matter of weeks. So far they like the names Sadie and Kira, but they’re looking for other suggestions as well. Erin says,

To give you a sense of our “style” we also love the names Ava, Audrey and Abigail but they are already all in use by our family members. If this baby had been a boy we were going to choose between Henry, Ewan and William. Our last name starts with an “L” and so “L” first names are out. The baby’s middle name will be Robin.

I thought it was interesting that Sadie and Kira were favorites, because in terms of style they’re a bit different from Madeleine (and many of the other names mentioned). So, for gathering suggestions, I tried two separate brainstorms–one focusing on Kira and Sadie, the other focusing on names like Madeleine, Josephine, Abigail, etc. I mixed the results together and got:


What other names would you offer to Erin?

Huge List of Anagram Baby Names

anagram baby names

Looking for baby names with something in common? Perhaps for a set of twins or triplets? I’ve collected hundreds of anagram baby names for you.

2-Letter Anagram Baby Names

3-Letter Anagram Baby Names

4-Letter Anagram Baby Names

5-Letter Anagram Baby Names

6-Letter Anagram Baby Names

7-Letter Anagram Baby Names

8-Letter Anagram Baby Names

9-Letter Anagram Baby Names

10-Letter Anagram Baby Names

If you like the idea of anagrams but want to avoid sound-alike sets, I recommend anagrams with different numbers of syllables. Pairs like “Etta and Tate” and “Clay and Lacy” are a far more subtle than pairs like “Enzo and Zeno” and “Mary and Myra.”

(Here are some palindromic names from last month.)

Like Symmetry? Try Palindromic Baby Names

Did you know that a handful of baby names happen to be palindromes? Here are some names that can be read the same way in either direction (i.e. both forwards and backwards):

Two of these, Hannah and Ava, happen to be very popular for baby girls at the moment.

Need two names? You could consider a pair of names that become a palindrome when written side-by-side (i.e., names that are anagrams of one another):

Aidan & Nadia
Aileen & Neelia
Alan & Nala
Allan & Nalla
Allen & Nella
Amin & Nima
Ariel & Leira
Arik & Kira
Aron & Nora
Avram & Marva
Axel & Lexa
Aydan & Nadya
Ari & Ira
Cam & Mac
Eliah & Haile
Eliam & Maile
Ellen & Nelle
Etan & Nate
Flor & Rolf
Gem & Meg
Iris & Siri
Leon & Noel
Linus & Sunil
Miles & Selim
Nazar & Razan
Nero & Oren

It’s also possible to come up with your own palindromic pairs by flipping traditional names to create brand new names. For instance, I’ve seem James, Kevin, Manuel and Ramon flipped to become Semaj, Nivek, Leunam and Nomar.