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Collarbone Injury Inspires Baby Name

Kristal Tyczkowski and Kyle Dryer of Wisconsin welcomed their third child, a baby boy, in mid-November.

The bad news is that the baby’s left collarbone broke during birth.

The good news is that the bone should heal within a few weeks.

The other good news is that the injury inspired a baby name. Kristal and Kyle decided to name their newborn Aaron Rodger Dryer after Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, who fractured his left collarbone several weeks ago.

And, while were talking about Green Bay…did you know that Green Bay Packer kicker Mason Crosby made the baby name Mason trendy in Wisconsin long before the name was trendy nationally? In a press release last year, the SSA noted that “Mason has been a regular top-five name in Wisconsin for many years” thanks to Crosby.

Source: Baby born with broken collarbone named for Aaron Rodgers