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Popularity of the Baby Name Laelia

Posts that Mention the Name Laelia

More Never-Ranked Plants Names: Disa, Linnaea, Nigella, Vanda

Here are some more flower and plant names to add to last year’s list of botanical names that have never been in the SSA’s top 1,000. The names below are genus names specifically.

  • Calluna – The sole species is the national flower of Norway.
  • Celosia – Also known as cockscombs. The word “celosia” comes from the Greek word kelos, “burned,” which refers to the flame-like flower heads.
  • Disa – A genus of in the orchid family named for Disa, the heroine of a Swedish legendary saga.
  • Kalmia – A genus of evergreen shrubs.
  • Kerria – A genus native to Asia that was named for Scottish plant collector William Kerr.
  • Laelia – A genus in the orchid family.
  • Linnaea – The sole species is the twinflower.
  • Lunaria – The Latin word means “moon-like,” because of the shape of the seed pods. Commonly called the money plant.
  • Nandina – The sole species is an evergreen shrub native to Asia.
  • Neea – Commonly called saltwood.
  • Nigella – A genus in the buttercup family with distinctive, threadlike leaves.
  • Nyssa – Genus of the tupelo tree.
  • Primula – Includes the primrose.
  • Serissa – The sole species is one of the most common types of bonsai tree.
  • Vanda – A genus in the orchid family.

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