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Popularity of the Baby Name Lean

Posts that Mention the Name Lean

Unisex Baby Names: Even Splits of 2009

Hundreds of unisex names were given to both baby boys and baby girls last year. But only 65 were split evenly between the two genders, according to SSA data.

Name Boys Girls Total
Michel 55 55 110
Michal 48 48 96
Storm 43 43 86
Haydyn 32 32 64
Avry 27 27 54
Adi 26 26 52
Indiana 26 26 52
Kemani 26 26 52
Clarke 22 22 44
Riyan 20 20 40
Samar 17 17 34
Amori 16 16 32
Bradie 13 13 26
Carlisle 12 12 24
Oluwadamilola 12 12 24
Angell 11 11 22
Eaden 11 11 22
Maika 11 11 22
Nur 11 11 22
Chesley 10 10 20
Dacoda 10 10 20
Mattia 10 10 20

Fewer than 20 babies total: Agam, Aidynn, Amadi, Armahni, Arrington, Ecko, Elim, Elyah, Grae, Jarae, Jasyiah, Jiayi, Keighan, Kumari, Lakshya, Lanny, Lean, Mako, Marcelle, Money*, Nyel, Oluwanifemi, Oluwatomisin, Omega, Phynix, Psalm, Qamar, Rayen, Reyhan, Ryian, Santanna, Shadow, Shyler, Siah, Sinclair, Skiler, Starling, Stellar, Thanh, Ugonna, Windsor, Yali, Yareth

*I’m pleased that Money made the list. There may be a gender-based income gap in the U.S., but at least men and women are named Money in equal measure. That has to count for something, right?

Baby Name Needed: Irish Form of Elaine

A reader named Diane writes:

My Mother passed away 2 years ago and I would like to name my daughter after her. Her name was Elaine. I have already used her name as a middle name for my first daughter. I would like to find a variation of Elaine to use as a first name. My husband is Irish and would love if there was an an Irish connection with the name as well. Any suggestions?

I love that Diane wants to use her mother’s name again. I think both daughters will appreciate having a form of their grandmother’s name to carry with them.

Let’s see…Elaine is an Old French form of Helen. Irish forms of Helen include Léan and Léana, which I believe are pronounced “layn” and layna” (please correct me if I’m wrong). The Irish name Eileen is sometimes considered to be a form of Helen, though technically the names aren’t related to one another.

Other variants and pet forms of Helen/Elaine include Ella, Ellen, Ellie, Helena, Lena, Nell and Nelly. And of course there’s always Helen itself. None of these are specifically Irish, but they’re all used in Ireland — perhaps that’s just as good.

What other ideas can you come up with?

UPDATE – The baby is here! Scroll down to the last comment to see the name.