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Popularity of the Baby Name Leanne

Posts that Mention the Name Leanne

Names in the News: Gloria, Google, Pink

Some recent and not-as-recent baby names from the news…

Balfour: A baby boy born in Orkney, Scotland, on June 15 was named Balfour because he was the first baby born in the new Balfour Hospital in Kirkwall. (Press and Journal)

Fani: A baby girl born in Bhubaneswar, India, on May 3 — in the midst of Cyclone Fani — was named Fani. (Outlook India)

Gloria: A baby girl born in St. Louis on June 12 — minutes before the start of Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final, which was won by St. Louis — was named Vivian LeAnne Gloria Moore, second middle name in honor of the Blues’ season anthem, “Gloria.” (St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

Google: A baby boy born in Indonesia in November of 2018 was given the single name Google because his father hoped he would be “useful” to people, as Google is. The father chose not to add a surname so that “the essence” of the name would not be diluted. (Mirror)

Hayes and Jersey: Twins born in Winnipeg to NHL player Dale Weise in April of 2019 were named Hayes (boy) and Jersey (girl). Hayes was named for country singer Hunter Hayes and Jersey was named for the state of New Jersey. (

Lea: A baby girl born in Pittsburgh on May 3 was named Noa Lea, middle name in honor of Lori Gilbert-Kaye (Hebrew name: Leah bat Reuven), who was murdered in a synagogue shooting in California in April. (Chabad)

Narendra Modi: A baby boy born in India on May 23 — the day Narendra Modi’s National Democratic Alliance (NDA) was victorious in India’s general election — was named Narendra Modi. (Khaleej Times)

Pink: A baby girl born at a Pink concert in Liverpool on June 25 was named Dolly Pink. (EW)

Xale: A baby girl born in Belgium on April 19 was named Xale. She has eight older siblings: Alex (age 11), Axel (10), Xela (8), Lexa (7), Xael (6), Xeal (5), Exla (3) and Leax (2). (Tagtik)

Baby Named for Shopping Mall

We’ve seen English babies named for a bingo hall, a shoe store, a fish and chip shop, another fish and chip shop, an Indian restaurant…and now we have one named after a shopping mall.

On October 9, Kim Leighton of High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, gave birth outside her family’s flat, which is quite close to the Eden shopping centre. Close enough, in fact, that the birth was recorded on the mall’s CCTV cameras.

The baby girl was named Leanne Eden — middle name for the mall.

Source: Lucky it wasn’t Ikea! Mother names her baby after Eden shopping centre following surprise labour outside stores

P.S. I love how the title of the news story contains a quip about Ikea. The author must not know Ikea has been used as a baby name for decades now.

Baby Name Needed – Name for Baby Girl #1

Reader Leanne is looking for a name for her baby girl. She says:

Names that have been shortlisted to date are Eliana Heidi and Melanie Jacinta. However, my nieces are Ariana and Stephanie so I would like [a name] that doesn’t sound too similar.

She liked the combination Hayley Melissa at one time as well, but the “-ley” ending doesn’t work with her married name, and she’d like to stay away from an alliterative pairing.

Other favourite names such as “Anneliesa” and “Shay-Lisa” seem to blend awkwardly with [my] surname and almost make it sound like the surname is “Sleazeman”.

That’s not good. Finally, she loves the name Heidi, though she’s “more inclined to use it as a middle name.”

There is German heritage in my husband’s family and whilst it would be nice to reflect that, it isn’t essential.

My first thought was to look for a few feminine-sounding German names. Nadya, Ottilie, Saskia and Tatiana fit the bill, but none of these are as modern-sounding as the names Leanne mentioned, so they may not be of interest.

Other possibilities include:


What ideas do you guys have? (Please feel free to suggest combinations as well.)