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Madonna Fans Change Names in Honor of the Material Girl

Three 23-year-old women from Leeds, England have all legally changed their names to include various Madonna lyrics, song titles and album titles:

Before After
Lianne Dawson Lianne Madonna Vogue On The Cover Of A Magazine McHale Dawson
Emma Dawson Emma Madonna Confessions On A Dance Floor McHale Dawson
Gemma Mitchell Gemma Madonna True Blue Strike A Pose Carroll McHale Dawson Me Me Mitchell

And, just in case you aren’t a rabid Madonna fan:

  • “Vogue” is a song
  • “On The Cover Of A Magazine” is a lyric from Vogue
  • “Confessions On A Dance Floor” is an album
  • “True Blue” is both a song and an album
  • “Strike A Pose” is another lyric from Vogue

According to the Yorkshire Evening Post, the Chief Executive of Legal Deed Service said: “We are always getting hilarious name changes, but we have never had three Madonna fanatics contact us with such crazy monikers.”

And now my question to you: Would you ever name (or have you ever named) a baby in honor of a musician, musical group, album, song, etc.? If so, what’s the name and what does it refer to?