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10 Tech-Inspired Baby Names Like ‘Like’

facebook likeA few months ago, PCWorld published a list of 10 tech-inspired baby names better than Like.

I thought I’d compile a similar list, but go in the opposite direction. So below are ten real-life, headline-grabbing, tech-inspired names just like Like.

Starting, of course, with Like:


An Israeli baby girl was named Like after the Facebook “Like Button” in 2011. (Go like baby Like, if you like.)


A Egyptian baby girl was named Facebook after the social networking site Facebook in 2011.


A Swedish baby boy was named Google after the search engine Google in 2005.

[I’ve never blogged about this one before, surprisingly. Oliver Google Kai was born on 12 September 2005 in Kalmar, Sweden, to Dr. Walid Elias Kai (who is Lebanese) and his wife Carol (who is Swedish). Google’s response: “We wish him long life and good health, and hope his schoolmates aren’t too hard on him.”]


A Chinese baby boy was possibly named @ after the “at” symbol found in e-mail addresses in 2007. (The name may or may not have been approved by the Chinese government.)


A Canadian baby girl was named Vista after the Windows Vista operating system in 2007.


An American baby boy was named Jon Blake Cusack 2.0 — 2.0 in place of a more traditional suffix, like II or Jr. — in 2004.


A Dutch baby girl was named Annanova after virtual newscaster Ananova in 2000.


An English baby boy was named Trendy in part after “Trending Topics” on Twitter in 2011.


A handful of babies from various countries were named Iuma as part of the Internet Underground Music Archive (IUMA) baby naming contest in 2000.


An American baby boy was named Dovahkiin after a video game character just a few days ago. (Other video game baby names include Zelda and Rinoa)

For less-crazy tech-inspired names, try PCWorld’s list, or try my namestorms for internet lovers and/or computer lovers.

UPDATE, 1/2014: Here’s another tech-related name — an American baby girl has been named Tali’Zorah after a video game character.

UPDATE, 9/2015: And yet another tech-related name — Linux, which debuted on the national list just recently.

Israeli Baby Named “Like”

Three months ago, an Egyptian couple named their daughter Facebook. Now, an Israeli couple has named their daughter “Like.”

Lior and Vardit Adler wanted a unique name for their third daughter. (Their first two daughters are Dvash, Hebrew for “honey,” and Pie.) They had considered Chinese name Qing Yu Lang before settling on Like.

Most people find the name highly unusual, said Lior.

However, the clerk at the hospital that recorded his daughter’s name barely flinched when he told her the name. He said, “Her lack of enthusiasm made me think I should change the name to something a bit more unusual.”

He also mentioned that only about 50 of his 120 Facebook friends have “liked” Like so far. Let’s assume he’s talking only about the name (and not about the baby) here — if you were friends with Lior Adler on Facebook, would you “like” Like? Why or why not?

Sources: Israeli Couple Names Their Baby Girl “Like”, Galgalatz

P.S. Did you know that at least 6 kids in the U.S. have also been named Like?