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The Baby Name Azaria

a cry in the dark (movie)

A coroner has recently decided that Azaria Chamberlain — the 2?month?old Australian baby girl who disappeared in August, 1980, while her family was camping near Uluru — was indeed killed by a dingo.

There are two name-related things I wanted to mention about this.

First, that the constant media coverage of the incident at the time resulted in “vicious and often ignorant outbursts from the Australian public,” and that one such “outburst” was that the name Azaria meant “sacrifice in the wilderness.”

The name doesn’t mean that, of course. Azaria’s mom, Lindy, had discovered the name Azaria in a baby name book that defined it as “blessed of God.” Behind the Name defines the original version — the male name Azariah — as “Yahweh has helped.”

But this and similar accusations may have played a part in Lindy Chamberlain being convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison in 1982. Which is quite alarming, considering “there was no body, no evidence of motive and no incriminating eyewitness evidence.”

Second, that — while I can’t find Australian baby name data that goes back to 1980 online — I can tell you that the story of Azaria did influence U.S. baby names.

But not until the movie came out.

A Cry in the Dark, which was an Australian movie, starred American actress Meryl Streep as Lindy. It was released in the U.S. in late 1988, and that’s the year we see Azaria pop up for the first time on the SSA’s baby name list:

  • 1992: 29 baby girls named Azaria
  • 1991: 37 baby girls named Azaria
  • 1990: 61 baby girls named Azaria
  • 1989: 30 baby girls named Azaria
  • 1988: 6 baby girls named Azaria [debut]
  • 1987: not listed

For a more in-depth look at the name Azaria and the story of Azaria Chamberlain, check out Famous Name: Azaria over at Australian name blog Waltzing More Than Matilda.


Babies Named After Aviator Charles Lindbergh

Exactly 85 years ago today, 25-year-old Air Mail pilot Charles Lindbergh was in the middle of his non-stop, solo flight across the Atlantic Ocean.

His successful journey from New York City to Paris, which lasted from about 8 am on May 20 until about 10:30 pm on May 21, 1927, earned Lindbergh the $25,000 Orteig Prize and made him world-famous virtually overnight.

According to SSA data, hundreds of babies were named Lindbergh and Lindy that year:

Year Babies named Lindbergh Babies named Lindy
1930 31 boys 64 boys, 6 girls
1929 41 boys 84 boys, 14 girls
1928 71 boys 176 boys, 16 girls
1927 115 boys 234 boys, 27 girls
1926 12 boys 30 boys
1925 7 boys 11 boys, 8 girls
1924 ? boys 6 boys, 6 girls

Though the data makes it look like dozens of babies were named “Lindbergh” and “Lindy” prior to May of 1927, that’s probably not the case. It’s much more likely that these babies simply remained nameless until the event occurred. (At that time it wasn’t uncommon for American parents to wait months, sometimes years, to settle on a name. Emancipation Proclamation Coggeshall wasn’t named until she was two and a half, for instance.)

Here’s similar data from the SSDI (Social Security Death Index):

  • 1930: 15 babies with the first name Lindbergh
  • 1929: 21 babies with the first name Lindbergh
  • 1928: 51 babies with the first name Lindbergh
  • 1927: 70 babies with the first name Lindbergh
  • 1926: 5 babies with the first name Lindbergh
  • 1925: 1 babies with the first name Lindbergh
  • 1924: 0 babies with the first name Lindbergh

Lindbergh Long, orphan, north carolinaI spotted a Lindbergh (right) in a mid-1932 issue of North Carolina Christian Advocate. His age wasn’t mentioned, but he was probably born circa 1927.

The variant spellings Lindberg, Lindburgh and Lindburg also got a boost in 1927. The latter two debuted in the data that year, in fact.

And, of course, many babies were given the first-middle combo “Charles Lindbergh.” The following Charles Lindbergh babies made the news:

  • Charles Lindbergh, son of Mr. and Mrs. Horace E. Lindbergh of Cambridge, MA
  • Charles Lindbergh Bohannon, son of Mr. and Mrs. Bohannon of La Jolla, San Diego, CA
  • Charles Lindbergh Erickson, son of Mrs. and Mrs. Carl W. Erickson of Worcester, MA
  • Charles Lindbergh Hurley, son of Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Hurley of Sea Cliff, Long Island, NY

A few years later, in 1931, a Canadian baby who made headlines for being born in an airplane was also named after Lindbergh.


  • “3 Babies Are Given Name of Air Ace.” Painesville Telegraph 23 May 1927: 1.
  • “New Born Baby Gets Lindbergh’s Name.” Border Cities Star [Windsor, Ontario, Canada] 23 May 1927: 14.
  • “San Diego Baby Is Named for Aviator.” Prescott Evening Courier 8 Jun. 1927: 1.

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Images: Lindbergh Received the Distinguished Flying Cross, North Carolina Christian Advocate