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Popularity of the Baby Name Livie

Posts that Mention the Name Livie

How Do You Like Your Name, Olivia?

“Olivia is a beautiful, classic name and I’m lucky to bear it,” says Olivia, a 20-year-old from Australia who blogs at Naming The Fishes.

How did she come to have the name Olivia?

It was the only name my parents could decide on, that they loved. Though I think part of the reason why my Dad agreed to it was because he adores Olivia Newton John. Plus they loved the nickname Livie.

What does she like most about her name?

I love how it rolls off the tongue, that it won’t date because it is a classical name. I also love it was the name of a character in one of Shakespeare’s plays because I’m such a literary junkie. And then there is the nickname Liv.

And what does she like least about her name?

The nickname Ollie and that some people still misspell it even though its quite popular now.

Despite this popularity, she would still recommend the name Olivia to parents today: “Sure. Why not? I know its quite a popular name now but its popular for a reason.”

Thanks, Olivia!

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