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Would you LOL at the baby name LOL?

Is LOL a baby name? At least two baby name sites think so. One site was featured today at FAIL Blog, and the other is right here:

Is LOL a baby name?

My screenshot comes from I can’t tell which site is being mocked (epically!) at FAIL Blog.

I love how both sites take a genderless acronym that stands for “laughing out loud” and try to turn it into a female baby name that means “laughter.”

That being said, I don’t doubt that at least one or two babies out there have the acronym LOL on their birth certificates somewhere. Just as babies have been named ILY, ILYS, and so forth.

What other acronyms or internet slang have the potential to become baby names (or at least have the potential to be declared baby names by some of the less reliable baby name websites)?

I think IRL (in real life) stands a chance. Could be pronounced like Earl.