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Acronym Baby Names – Ily, Ilys, Ktyal

I’ve seen acronym baby names like Ily (I love you) and Ilys (I love you so) before.

And I’m familiar with all those crazy Soviet-era acronym names like Lunio (Lenin is dead, but his ideas remain) and Vilorik (Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, liberator of workers and peasants).

But this is the first Ktyal I’ve ever seen:

When Verna Cornelia Price gave birth to a daughter four years ago, she and her husband named the baby Ktyal, an acronym for “Know That You Are Loved.”

How do you think they pronounce Ktyal?

Have you spotted any other acronym baby names lately?

Source: Pfitzinger, Julie. “Ann Bancroft Awards.” Minneapolis Star-Tribune 25 Sept. 2006.