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Be on the Lookout for Merida in 2012

meridaHere’s one to put on your calendars.

In June of 2012 — exactly a year from now — Pixar is planning to release its 13th feature film, Brave. The movie is a fairy tale set in Scotland. The protagonist, a red-haired girl named Merida, is both a princess and an archer.

As far as I know, Merida is not a traditional Scottish name. Mairead, Murron, Morag…these are Scottish. I have no idea how Pixar came up with Merida, though. (Maybe they were vacationing in Mexico at the time?)

Anyway, the film looks cute. I have no doubt it will do well at the box office. And what happens then? First, a surge in the number of kids who want to take archery lessons. Second, and more importantly, bazillions of baby girls named Merida.

But that’s a long way off. Until then, let’s look at some of the U.S. data on this very rare name:

  • Best year? 1949, when 13 baby girls were named Merida.
  • Second-best year? 1957, when 12 baby girls were named Merida.
  • Most recent appearance on the SSA’s baby name list? 2002, with 5 baby girls named Merida.

Do you like the name Merida? Do you think it’s the sort of name that could really take off in the U.S.?